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Vibrating Inclined and Horizontal Screens

Vibrating Inclined and Horizontal Screens

POLYGONMACH vibrating screen has become the highly preferred screening equipment for screening all types of materials due to its durable and simple design. The modular structure allows users to easily replace spare parts and easily perform maintenance activities.

POLYGONMACH vibrating screen can be produced as \"drive from the top\" or \"drive from the center\" version. The screen material can be made of steel or polyurethane according to the hardness level of the material to be screened.

The main features of POLYGONMACH vibrating screen:

Available in single, double, triple and four deck configurations

Vault or flat deck support frame (to release pressure)

Precision machined and ground steel eccentric shaft

Excellent bearing fit and shaft strength

Best brand grease or oil for best bearing performance

Bearings from SKF, FAG, Timken and NSK

Pin lock fastener structure provides excellent reliability

Replaceable bolts and welding, wear-resistant, steel-lined feeding box and discharge lips.