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Site Type Mobile Concrete Batching Plant , PAC

Site Type Mobile Concrete Batching Plant , PAC

In this era, due to the time we are in, many products have been mobilized, but the cost items have been underestimated.

We will continue to provide solution-oriented projects to meet customer concerns. Because Polygon Machinery provides high-quality services to our valued customers and reduces investment costs.

We offer the innovative PAC30-45 model, which can only be transported in one container. Thanks to the use of the most advanced platforms and bodywork, this new economic model can produce concrete in accordance with economic and international standards in small projects where concrete demand is relatively low.

Advantages of PAC30-45 concrete mixing plant:

  • Since a single container can be used for sea transportation, it reduces your investment cost.
  • Minimum installation area requirements
  • Just use the truck to pull the machine, you can quickly install and relocate in a short time, thus making road transportation easy.
  • In order to be able to load the mixed concrete onto the mixer through the feeder conveyor.
  • Depending on the supply of cement, a big-bag cement feeding system or cement silo can be used.
  • Fully automated production of most homogeneous concrete.
  • Compact structure, fast service, easy maintenance, low investment cost.