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Radial Conveyor Belt/ Radial belt, ship loading belt, ship unloading belt

Radial Conveyor Belt/ Radial belt, ship loading belt, ship unloading belt

Radial conveyors ; In crushing, screening and ship filling and unloading, stock belts can be produced as radial type according to the location of the facility, terrain conditions and customer demand. The radial chassis is fixed on a circular pivot that can rotate 270 degrees from the tail module to the ground. The high-strength steel construction legs made to carry the weight of the modules and the drive drum are connected to the electric motor by chain drive. These wheels are specially selected to be safe against rough terrain.
The reducer is driven by a coupled motor and a chain/gear. The center of rotation is the fixed pivot in the tail module. It can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise to the desired angle. In addition, tilt and height can be adjusted thanks to the hydraulic piston close to the drive module. By changing the inclination and side angle of the radial conveyor, material mixture is also provided while stocking, so that more homogenized material can be obtained.

Radial conveyor with 270 degree lateral movement provides stocking opportunity in a wider area

Specially designed tires for rough terrain

High quality durable chain motor reducer and drive system

270 degrees kidney movement and height adjustable to 0-10 meters.

Mobile or fixed chassis possibility

Ability to work completely independently with a diesel generator

Programming with PLC and SCADA

There is a cleaning scraper to remove the remnants of the material carried from the belt tire, closing

Mechanical brake connected to the drive drum to prevent the material on the belt from slipping back.

In order to make a sudden stop in emergency situations, there is a rope switch along the walkway.

Dust output is prevented by making a hinged closure that can be opened and closed easily.