Tertiary Impact Crusher

Tertiary Impact Crusher

What is a Tertiary Impact Crusher?

A Tertiary Impact Crusher is a type of crushing machine that serves the final stage of the crushing process by reducing materials to finer particles after primary and secondary crushers. Operating as a Horizontal Shaft Impactor (HSI), the Tertiary Impact Crusher utilizes a rotating horizontal shaft equipped with impact tools such as blow bars or hammers to crush the material. These impact tools deliver high-speed impacts to break down the material into smaller, more refined particles. Tertiary Impact Crushers are designed to produce well-shaped aggregates and finely crushed materials, offering precise control over particle sizes and shapes to meet specific product requirements across various industries and applications.

In various industries such as mining, aggregate production, and recycling, Tertiary Impact Crushers play a crucial role in refining materials to achieve the desired end product characteristics. These crushers excel at producing fine aggregates with consistent particle sizes, reducing flakiness and elongation in the final products. Tertiary Impact Crushers are essential in providing the final stage of material processing with enhanced product refinement, making them valuable equipment in achieving high-quality end products for construction activities, road surfacing, concrete production, and other industrial applications where finely crushed materials are required.

What Parts Do Tertiary Impact Crusher Consist of?

1. Rotor Assembly

The rotor assembly is a critical component of a Tertiary Impact Crusher, comprising a heavy-duty shaft and a rotating disc or drum equipped with impact tools like blow bars or hammers. As the rotor spins at high speeds, the impact tools strike the material, delivering powerful impact forces that crush and break down the feed material into finer particles. The design and configuration of the rotor assembly, including the type and arrangement of the impact tools, significantly impact the crusher's performance and efficiency. Regular inspection and maintenance of the rotor assembly are essential to ensure the crusher's operational reliability and effectiveness in delivering precise impact crushing operations.

2. Crushing Chamber

The crushing chamber in a Tertiary Impact Crusher provides the space where the material is fed and processed by the rotating rotor, impact tools, and impact curtains. It serves as the primary zone where material undergoes the crushing process, guiding its trajectory to ensure proper size reduction and refinement. The design of the crushing chamber plays a crucial role in determining the material's crushing path within the crusher and the efficiency of the crushing operation. Adequate space within the chamber facilitates efficient material processing and size reduction, resulting in finely crushed end products. Regular inspection and maintenance of the crushing chamber are essential to uphold the crusher's operational efficiency and productivity, ensuring the chamber's integrity and condition are well-maintained for effective impact crushing operations.

In Which Areas Are Tertiary Impact Crusher Used?

1. Construction Industry

Tertiary Impact Crushers are extensively utilized in the construction industry for various applications, including producing fine aggregates and crushed materials essential for construction projects. These crushers play a significant role in refining materials to achieve the specified particle sizes and shapes required in construction activities. Tertiary Impact Crushers are instrumental in providing finely crushed materials that meet the high-quality standards necessary for applications such as concrete production, asphalt mixing, road construction, and building foundations. Their ability to produce consistent and well-shaped aggregates makes them indispensable equipment in the construction sector, contributing to the development of infrastructure projects with superior-quality materials.

 2. Mining and Quarrying Operations

In the mining and quarrying industries, Tertiary Impact Crushers are vital for processing extracted materials to the desired particle sizes for subsequent mineral processing stages. These crushers are utilized to further crush ores, stones, and minerals after primary and secondary crushing, ensuring the material is finely ground and refined for further downstream processing. Tertiary Impact Crushers are essential for achieving the desired product specifications necessary for mineral extraction and refining processes, contributing to the efficiency and productivity of mining operations. Their capability to generate finely crushed materials efficiently makes them indispensable in mining operations, aiding in the preparation of ores and minerals for processing and extraction, ultimately supporting the mining industry in maximizing mineral recovery and productivity.

How Do Tertiary Impact Crusher Work?

A Tertiary Impact Crusher operates by utilizing a rotating horizontal shaft equipped with impact tools such as blow bars or hammers to finely crush materials. As the rotor spins at high speeds, the impact tools make contact with the material, delivering forceful impacts that break down the feed material into smaller, more refined particles. The material is fed into the crusher through the top opening of the crushing chamber, where it encounters the high-speed impacts generated by the rotating rotor and impact tools. Tertiary Impact Crushers are specifically designed to produce well-shaped aggregates and finely crushed materials, providing precise control over particle sizes and shapes to meet specific product requirements in various industries and applications.

The adjustability of Tertiary Impact Crushers allows operators to control the output size and shape by adjusting parameters such as the clearance between the rotor and the impact tools. This adjustability enables operators to customize the final product to meet specific requirements for different applications, ensuring versatility in catering to diverse manufacturing needs. The efficient crushing action and high-speed impact forces generated by Tertiary Impact Crushers result in the production of high-quality end products with consistent particle sizes and shapes, making them essential equipment for achieving optimal material processing outcomes in various industrial sectors that demand superior product refinement and quality control.

MODEL Rotor Boyutu (mm) Kapasite (TPH) Hız (RPM) Motor Gücü (kW) Ağırlık (kg)
PTC-1105 1100*500 80-100 740-900 160 10000
PTC-1110 1100-1000 100-200 740-900 250 16000
PTC-1115 1100*1500 200-250 740-900 315 19000
PTC-1318 1300*1800 300-350 645 500 33000
PTC-15 1400*860 80-140 740-900 160 15500
PTC-16 1400*1200 120-180 740-900 250 21000

Ultra-Fine Crushing with Tertiary Impact Crusher
Ultra-Fine Crushing with Tertiary Impact Crusher
Ultra-Fine Crushing with Tertiary Impact Crusher

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