PMC120 120 m3/hours Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

PMC120 120 m3/hours Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

PMC120 120 m3/hours Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

POLYGONMACH PMC120 120m3 mobile concrete batching plant is a mobile concrete batching plant used to produce large quantities of concrete in large construction projects. These power plants are portable and rebuildable, can work with a wide range of materials and can be used for many construction projects due to their mobility.

The following steps are recommended to use the POLYGONMACH 120m3 mobile concrete batching plant effectively:

1. Correct positioning: The switchboard should be installed at the easiest access point possible. It must be securely located and engineers must ensure primary resources are in place.

2. Personnel: Plant operators must be experienced and trained to ensure the best results in construction projects. Employees should be trained regularly and use appropriate protective equipment to work inside the plant.

3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance ensures longer life and efficient operation of the plant. This can reduce disruptions and prevent irregularities in mobile switchboard operations.

4. Production: In addition to their productivity, 120m3 mobile concrete batching plants have technologies that enable the production of high quality concrete. Therefore, it is important to use the right concrete mix to ensure efficient production every time.

5. Storage: The produced concrete should be stored correctly and well protected until the time of use. Ideal storage conditions will ensure safe handling and trouble-free use of concrete.

As a result, the 120m3 mobile concrete batching plant can be used effectively with accurate positioning, experienced personnel, regular maintenance, proper production and storage. These important steps ensure the production of high quality and correct proportions of concrete and efficient construction projects.

POLYGONMACH 120 M3/hour mobile concrete batching plant must have the following features to prove that it is a high quality and easy to use concrete batching plant:

1. User-friendly interface: The interface of the switchboard should enable users to work efficiently on construction projects. The interface should be easy to use, descriptive and simple. Users should easily navigate through the buttons and functions in the interface and complete their operations quickly.

2. Reliable performance: The performance of the plant must guarantee a high quality concrete production. The switchboard should be checked with continuous double checks and tests and should notify users in case of any error or trouble.

3. Flexibility: The switchboard should be flexible and practically adjustable, designed to be used in different construction projects. The switchboard's high mobility allows users to easily move from one project to another.

4. Ease of maintenance: The switchboard is designed to enable users to easily perform daily and weekly maintenance. Maintenance and repair operations should be minimally planned and designed to save users a minimum of time and effort.

5. User support: The provider of the switchboard should provide a user support that can help users in case they encounter any problems. A user-friendly help desk provides a resource that users can access quickly to answer questions and resolve issues.

POLYGONMACH Fully automatic 120 M3/hour mobile concrete batching plant is a mobile concrete batching plant working with automatic control and automatic production. This plant has an automatic PLC control system and automatically directs all processes. It is also equipped with various sensors, meters and cameras so that all processes can be observed and intervened immediately.

The installation of the power plant may take several months depending on the amount of projects to be completed, technical specifications and environmental conditions specific to your company. The installation process usually consists of the following steps:

1. Site selection: Choose a suitable place for the installation of the plant and obtain the necessary permits. Infrastructure studies should be carried out for the most appropriate preparation of the installation site and the installation of the equipment.

2. Equipment transportation and assembly: All components of the power plant are transported from the place of manufacture to the place where it will be installed. Next, the components are assembled by the technicians.

3. Electrical connections: All electrical connections of the plant are made by technicians. This process includes the installation of the main board that controls the PLC control system.

4. Test and Adjustment: The switchboard is tested by running all components and setting all parameters. After the tests are completed, the plant is made fully automatic.

5. Commissioning: The switchboard is commissioned for use after the tests and settings are completed. At this stage, users are trained for operating, maintenance and repair procedures.

The installation process requires consideration of the technical specifications and construction requirements in your area of application to ensure the highest level of efficiency and functionality. The installation process is followed by suppliers and expert personnel and tests are carried out to ensure customer satisfaction.

The payback time of the POLYGONMACH fully automatic 120 M3/hour mobile concrete batching plant depends on many factors such as frequency of use, duration of use, cost of concrete production. Therefore, project characteristics and other costs need to be considered in order to make a calculation.

Generally, a mobile concrete batching plant is more economical as its operating costs are low, it provides high volume concrete production and is suitable for long-term use. A mobile concrete batching plant with a capacity of 120 M3/hour provides great advantages especially in large-scale construction projects thanks to its high production capacity.

The payback period is determined by meeting the amount of expenses related to the use of the facility at the concrete site and making profitable transactions. Generally, it can be said that a mobile concrete plant pays for itself in 2-4 years. However, although there is no standard for this period, it may vary depending on the country, culture, expenditures and profit expectations.

In short, in order to determine the payback period of the 120 M3/hour mobile concrete batching plant, it is necessary to conduct an analysis that takes into account the frequency of use, capacity efficiency, construction work cost and other costs.


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