Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV

What is a Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV?

Polygonmach steps up its game in the industry with the PMSV Mobile Crushing and Screening plant, also known as the MOBILE SAND MAKING MACHINE. This state-of-the-art solution is meticulously engineered for the production of high-quality sand, with a granule size of 0-5 mm, renowned for its exceptional cubic shape.

The PMSV is a proud testament to advanced design and engineering, combined with premium quality components and excellent craftsmanship. Whether it’s pre-crushed materials from primary and secondary operations, or natural stone no larger than 35 mm, the PMSV handles it all with finesse. It can process a variety of materials with different hardness levels such as granite, basalt, dolomite, gabbro, limestone, producing satisfying results.

The PMSV boasts a production capacity ranging from 100-250 tph, depending on the hardness level of the material. The maximum feeding size is between 35-50 mm, with a feeding height of 3.8 meters. The plant is powered by a 185-385 kW motor and requires a 400 kVA electric generator. Weighing in at just 28 tonnes and measuring 14(L) x 3(W) x 14.2(L) meters, the plant is designed for efficiency and easy transport.

The PMSV Mobile Sand Making Plant is an assembly of:

  1. Feeding Hopper with vibrating feeder
  2. VSI 700-800-900 CR Closed Rotor Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
  3. Feeding Conveyors
  4. Vibrating Screen with 3 decks
  5. Feedback Conveyor
  6. Stockpile Conveyors
  7. Mobile chassis with hydraulic legs
  8. Automation System with PLC and remote controller
  9. Dust Removing System
  10. Electric Generator Set (Optional)

What Parts Do Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV Consist of?

1. Feeder:

The feeder is responsible for feeding raw materials, such as sand and aggregates, into the crushing or screening equipment within the mobile plant. It ensures a consistent and controlled supply of materials for processing.

2. Crusher or Crushing Unit:

The crusher or crushing unit within the plant is essential for crushing the raw materials, primarily sand, into smaller particles suitable for further processing. This component is crucial in the production of high-quality sand products.

3. Screening Unit:

The screening unit separates the crushed sand particles into different sizes or grades, depending on the specific requirements of the application. It ensures that the final sand products meet the desired specifications for various industrial uses.

4. Conveyor System:

A conveyor system is used to transport materials within the Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV, facilitating the movement of materials between different processing units. This system plays a vital role in optimizing the workflow and efficiency of the plant by ensuring smooth material transfer throughout the production process.

These components work together to process raw materials efficiently and produce high-quality sand products in Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV. The feeder, crusher, screening unit, and conveyor system collectively contribute to the seamless operation and productivity of the plant, enabling the production of sand for construction, infrastructure development, and other industrial applications.

In Which Areas Is Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV Used?

1. Construction Industry

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV are extensively used in the construction industry for various applications. These plants play a crucial role in producing high-quality sand for construction projects such as buildings, roads, bridges, and infrastructure development. The sand produced by these plants is essential for producing concrete, mortar, and asphalt, which are fundamental materials in the construction sector. Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV offer the flexibility to produce sand directly on-site, reducing the need for transportation of materials and improving operational efficiency in construction projects. The versatility and mobility of these plants make them indispensable for meeting the demand for quality sand in the construction industry.

2. Mining Sector

In the mining sector, Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV are utilized for sand production in various mining operations. Sand is an essential material in mining activities for tasks such as backfilling, road construction within mining sites, and as a component in various industrial processes. These plants are capable of producing different grades of sand to meet the diverse requirements of mining operations. The mobility of Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV allows them to be deployed close to mining sites, enabling efficient sand production at the source. By providing on-site sand production capabilities, these plants streamline the material processing, reduce transportation costs, and enhance the operational efficiency of mining activities.

How Do Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV Work?

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV operate by processing raw materials such as sand and aggregates through a series of crushing, screening, and shaping stages to produce high-quality sand products. The process typically begins with the feeding of raw materials into the primary crusher within the plant, which crushes the materials into smaller particles suitable for further processing. The crushed materials then move on to the secondary crusher or shaping unit for additional refinement, where shaping and fine-tuning of the sand particles take place to achieve the desired specifications. Subsequently, the screened material passes through various screens to separate it into different sizes or grades, ensuring that the final sand products meet industry standards and specific application requirements. The conveyor system within the Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV aids in transferring the processed sand efficiently between different components of the plant for further processing and storage.

Moreover, Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV are designed for flexibility and mobility, allowing them to be easily transported between different work sites where sand production is required. Their ability to produce high-quality sand directly on-site reduces the need for material transportation and minimizes operational costs. By integrating various components such as feeders, crushers, screens, and conveyors, Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV streamline the sand production process, providing a convenient and efficient solution for industries such as construction, mining, and infrastructure development that rely on quality sand for their operations.

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSV

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