Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST

What is a Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST?

A Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST, is a specialized facility designed to produce high-quality sand from raw materials such as aggregates, crushed stone, or natural sand. This mobile facility incorporates various equipment like crushers, screens, and conveyors to process and shape the raw materials into fine sand with specific particle sizes. The primary function of aMobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST is to meet the demand for quality sand in diverse industries, including construction, infrastructure development, and mining. By providing on-site sand production capabilities, these mobile plants help reduce transportation costs, streamline the material processing workflow, and ensure a steady supply of sand that meets industry standards and project requirements.

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST offer the advantage of mobility, enabling them to be easily transported to different job sites where sand production is needed. This flexibility allows for efficient on-site processing of sand, eliminating the need for external suppliers and reducing the environmental impact associated with material transportation. The integration of crushing, screening, and shaping equipment within a compact and mobile setup makes Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST a valuable asset for industries requiring high-quality sand for various applications. These plants play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, meeting project demands for quality sand, and contributing to sustainable and cost-effective sand production practices in different sectors.

Polygonmach is set to revolutionize the mobile crushing industry with its PMST Mobile Sand Making Plant, a state-of-the-art solution for the efficient processing of a variety of materials, regardless of their hardness level. Be it granite, basalt, dolomite, gabbro, or limestone, the PMST produces consistently satisfying results.

With a production capacity ranging from 80-250 tph, this powerful machine caters to diverse processing needs. Its maximum feeding size capacity spans from 80-180mm and has a feeding height of 3.8 meters. The PMST's total motor power ranges between 220-320 kW, requiring an electric generator of 550-850 kVA for smooth operation. This compact machine weighs 36 tonnes and measures 15(L) x 3.2(W) x 4.2(L) meters, and comes as a single chassis on wheels equipped with hydraulic opening legs.

What Parts Do Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST Consist of?

1. Feeder

The feeder is a component that typically feeds raw materials, such as sand and aggregates, towards the mobile crusher. It ensures a steady and controlled supply of materials to the crusher unit.

2. Crusher

The primary crusher in the sand production plant breaks down raw materials, usually sand, into smaller particles suitable for further processing. This unit plays a crucial role in the production of high-quality sand.

3. Screening Unit

The screening unit is used to separate crushed materials into different sizes for various applications. Separating the crushed material into different sizes ensures that the final sand product meets specific requirements.

4. Conveyor System

The conveyor system facilitates the transportation of materials between different units within the plant. This system optimizes workflow and enhances operational efficiency by efficiently transferring materials.

5. Washing Unit (Optional)

The washing unit is used for removing impurities from the sand to ensure a high-quality output.

6. Dewatering Unit (Optional)

The dewatering unit helps in removing excess moisture from the sand to make it suitable for specific applications.

7. Control System

The control system oversees and manages the overall operation of the plant, guiding the sand production process and ensuring efficient operation.

In Which Areas Is Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST Used?

1. Construction Industry

A Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST finds extensive use in the construction industry due to its role in providing high-quality sand for various construction projects. The sand produced by these plants serves as a fundamental material for applications like concrete production, mortar mixing, and asphalt production, crucial for building structures, roads, bridges, and infrastructure. Sand production plants play a vital role in meeting the demand for construction-grade sand, ensuring that construction projects have access to a reliable source of quality sand. By offering on-site sand production capabilities, these plants reduce reliance on external supplies, cut down transportation costs, and contribute to the efficient and timely completion of construction projects.

2. Infrastructure Development

In the domain of infrastructure development, Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST play a pivotal role by supplying the essential material needed for infrastructure projects. Sand is a primary component in infrastructure development projects such as road construction, railroads, airports, and other civil engineering projects. These plants ensure a continuous supply of high-quality sand required for concrete production, filling applications, road base materials, and various construction activities. By providing a local source of quality sand, Sand Production Plants streamline the production process, reduce dependency on external sources, and contribute to the efficient execution of infrastructure development projects, ultimately aiding in the growth and enhancement of essential infrastructure systems.

How Do Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST Work?

A Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST operates by processing raw materials such as sand, aggregates, or crushed stone through a series of steps to produce high-quality sand products. The process typically begins with the feeder conveying raw materials into the primary crusher unit, where the materials are broken down into smaller particles suitable for sand production. The crushed material moves to a screening unit that separates it into different sizes or grades, ensuring the final sand product meets specific requirements for various applications. Subsequently, the processed material may go through additional units like a washing unit to remove impurities or a dewatering unit to manage moisture levels. The conveyor system facilitates the movement of materials between different processing stages within the plant. The control system monitors and regulates the overall operation of the plant, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process.

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST offer a portable solution for producing sand directly on-site, reducing the need for external sources and transportation costs. The mobility of these plants allows for rapid deployment to different locations where sand production is required, supporting construction, infrastructure, and other industries. By integrating various processing units and equipment, these plants streamline the production process, optimizing material utilization and meeting quality standards for sand products. This mobile setup provides flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in sand production, catering to the diverse needs of construction projects and industrial applications requiring high-quality sand materials.

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMSTMobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST

Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST
Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST
Mobile Sand Maker Plants - PMST

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