Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2

What is a Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2?

    The Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2 is a specialized mobile crushing and screening plant that integrates a jaw crusher for primary crushing tasks and a cone crusher for secondary or tertiary crushing. This configuration allows for efficient processing of various materials, ranging from hard stones to softer minerals, providing flexibility and versatility in material crushing operations. The PMCC2 model is designed to offer high performance, mobility, and adaptability, making it suitable for applications in industries such as mining, construction, and quarrying where the production of different grades of aggregates is essential. The unit typically features advanced technologies to ensure optimal efficiency and output quality, contributing to successful material processing operations.

   Introducing the Polygonmach PMCC-2, a game-changing mobile crushing and screening plant on wheels with an impressive production capacity of 120-150 tph, depending on the material's hardness grade. Specifically engineered for robust and challenging applications, this comprehensive solution is designed to optimise your operations and maximise your productivity.

The PMCC-2 features an optimum feeding size of 900 x 650 mm and a convenient feeding height of 4.2 meters. This dynamic system boasts of a primary jaw, secondary cone, and a 3 decks screen - a perfect configuration for tackling hard stones with utmost efficiency.

Powered by a total motor capacity of 350 kW, the PMCC-2 caters to all your high-demand crushing needs. Its 550 kVA electric generator requirement ensures a seamless, power-efficient operation. With a compact weight of 56 tons and dimensions of 18 (L) x 3.2 (W) x 4.2 (H) meters, the PMCC-2 exemplifies efficiency packed in a robust, transport-friendly design.

The machine's standout feature is the versatile Metso HP 200 or equivalent model cone crusher. It offers the capability to produce 3 or 4 different fractions simultaneously, ensuring high-quality, precise output. For applications demanding higher fine material ratio or more cubical product, the plant can be equipped with our V-80 mobile sand making plant, which includes a VSI crusher. This configuration, known as PMCV-2, brings added flexibility and performance to your operations.

The Polygonmach PMCC-2’s user-friendly design promises easy mounting and assembling features. The plant can be operational in a very short time, and if required, the feeding hopper and stock conveyors can be equipped with a hydraulic opening mechanism, eliminating the need for external equipment.

Featuring top-class SIEMENS - SCHNEIDER brand electronic components and PLC, the PMCC-2 comes with a high-tech automation system. All operations are controlled by just a tablet controller, ensuring user-friendly operation and real-time control.

Polygonmach's PMCC-2 is a revolution in mobile crushing and screening plants on wheels. Trust us to deliver exceptional performance, cost-effectiveness, and operational ease.

What Parts Do Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2 Consist of?

1. Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is a primary crushing component in mobile jaw and cone crusher setups. It consists of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw that work together to crush large stones or materials into smaller pieces. The primary function of the jaw crusher is to compress the material, breaking it down into a manageable size that is suitable for further processing. Jaw crushers are known for their robust construction, high efficiency, and versatility in crushing various types of materials.

2. Cone Crusher

The cone crusher is another crucial component in mobile jaw and cone crusher configurations. It serves as a secondary or tertiary crushing unit, complementing the jaw crusher in the crushing process. Cone crushers operate by compressing the material between a mantle and a concave surface, producing finer particles. The cone crusher further refines the material to meet specific size requirements, ensuring uniformity in the final product. Cone crushers are essential for producing fine aggregates and are known for their ability to handle various types of materials efficiently.

In Which Areas Are Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2 Used?

1. Construction Industry

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2 have a wide range of usage in the construction industry. These equipment play an important role in breaking and processing materials on construction sites. Large stones or minerals extracted from quarries are converted into smaller sizes through these crushers and made suitable for use in construction activities. Mobile crushers reduce transportation costs and speed up material supply thanks to their ability to crush materials directly at the construction site. In this way, fast and flexible solutions are offered to the material needs of the projects, while operating costs are also reduced.

2. Mining Sector

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2 are widely used in the mining industry. These equipment play an important role in crushing and processing ores. Rock fragments and minerals are broken into smaller pieces by mobile crushers with jaw and cone crushers. This process makes the ores suitable for subsequent processing. Mobile crushers provide flexibility in mining operations and increase process efficiency due to the ability to move the equipment. In addition, with their ability to break various types of materials, they appeal to a wide range of applications in the field of mining and make significant contributions to the industry by increasing efficiency in mining operations.

How Do Mobile Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2 Work?

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2 are equipment generally used in primary and secondary crushing processes. First, the material is put into the feed hopper and conveyed to the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher crushes the material by squeezing it by creating mechanical pressure between a movable and fixed jaw. This pressure allows the material to be processed by turning large stones into smaller pieces. Then, the crushed material is transferred to the cone crusher. The cone crusher applies compressive force between a mantle and a concave surface to further reduce and shape parts. As a result, mobile jaw and cone crushers play an important role in processes where they effectively break materials and the equipment works in coordination with each other to produce high-quality materials.

The working principle of Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher-1 PMCC2 involves gradual crushing and sizing of materials through jaw and cone crushers. In this process, the jaw crusher breaks large stones into smaller pieces, while the cone crusher further compresses the material to produce finer pieces. This gradual crushing process allows materials to be processed and ground to appropriate dimensions for the desired end product. Mobile jaw and cone crushers are versatile equipment widely used in industry to increase efficiency in material crushing and screening processes and make them suitable for different applications.

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