Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1

What is a Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1?

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1 is a specific model within the mobile crushing and screening plants category, designed to efficiently process a variety of materials with the combined crushing abilities of a jaw crusher and a cone crusher. This unit typically features a jaw crusher for primary crushing tasks, capable of breaking down large stones or minerals into more manageable sizes. The cone crusher, on the other hand, provides secondary or tertiary crushing capabilities, producing finer and more uniform material for further processing or final use. PMCC1 models are often equipped with advanced features such as adjustable settings for controlling the size of the output material, ensuring flexibility to meet different project requirements.

The integration of both jaw and cone crushers in PMCC1 offers a versatile solution for industries such as mining, construction, and quarrying, where the processing of various materials is essential. By combining the strengths of these two types of crushers in a mobile unit, operators can achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity in material crushing and screening tasks. The mobility of the PMCC1 unit allows for easy relocation between different job sites, providing on-site processing capabilities that can help reduce operational costs and improve overall project timelines.

What Parts Do Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1 Consist of?

1. Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is a primary crushing component in this setup, responsible for breaking down large stones or materials into more manageable sizes. It consists of a fixed jaw and a moving jaw, where the material is crushed by the compression and friction between the two surfaces. Jaw crushers are known for their robust construction and high efficiency in crushing various types of materials.

2. Cone Crusher

The cone crusher serves as a secondary or tertiary crushing unit in the mobile setup. It functions by compressing the material between a mantle and a concave wall, producing finer particles suitable for further processing. Cone crushers are capable of handling hard and abrasive materials and are known for their ability to produce uniform end products with a high reduction ratio.

These two primary components, the jaw crusher and the cone crusher, work in tandem to efficiently crush and screen materials in mobile jaw and cone crusher setups, ensuring the production of high-quality finished products for various applications. Additional components such as feeders, conveyors, and screens are often integrated to optimize the overall performance of the system.

In Which Areas Are Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1 Used?

1. Construction Industry

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1 find extensive use in the construction industry for various applications. These units are ideal for crushing and processing materials on construction sites, producing aggregates of different sizes for concrete production, road construction, and other building projects. Their mobility allows them to be easily transported to different construction sites, reducing the need for separate crushing plants at each location. By efficiently crushing materials directly at the construction site, these crushers contribute to cost savings by minimizing the transportation of materials and reducing the reliance on external suppliers for aggregates.

2. Mining Sector

In the mining industry, Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1 are indispensable for the processing of ore and minerals. These crushers are utilized for primary and secondary crushing of rocks and ores, preparing them for further processing like milling and smelting. The flexibility of mobile crushers allows mining operations to move the equipment closer to the extraction area, reducing hauling distances and optimizing the efficiency of mineral processing. Additionally, the versatility of these crushers enables mining companies to adjust to varying ore grades and types, ensuring a consistent feed to downstream operations. Their durable design and high crushing capacities make them essential equipment in mining operations worldwide.

How Do Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1 Work?

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1 operate by using a primary jaw crusher and a secondary cone crusher to break down materials into smaller sizes for various applications. The process commences with the raw material being fed into the jaw crusher, where the large stones are crushed into smaller pieces through the mechanical pressure applied by the crusher's two jaws. This initial crushing stage reduces the material to a size suitable for further processing. Subsequently, the crushed material is conveyed to the cone crusher for secondary or tertiary crushing. In the cone crusher, the material undergoes further refinement as compression force is applied between a mantle and a concave surface, resulting in the production of finer particles. This secondary stage ensures that the material meets specific size requirements suitable for the intended end use, such as aggregates for construction or processed ores for industrial applications.

The operation of Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1 is characterized by their efficient performance and adaptability. These crushers are engineered to handle an extensive range of materials, from hard stones to softer minerals, with precision and reliability. The mobility offered by these mobile units enables on-site material processing, minimizing the need for material transportation and enhancing operational efficiency. The combination of jaw and cone crushers in a mobile configuration provides a comprehensive solution for crushing and screening tasks, catering to various industries like mining, construction, and quarrying, where high-quality processed materials are essential for diverse applications.

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1

Chassis TypeSingle chassis on wheels, equipped with hydraulic opening legs.

POLYGONMACH PMCC-1 Mobile Crushing plant is a perfect solution for crushing hardest rocks with very high abrasiveness and Silica (SiO2) ratio such as granite, basalt, gabbro etc.

PJC-1 is the outcome of sophisticated design and engineering, usage of top quality materials and components with long-lasting and excellent craftsmanship.

PJC-1 is a single chassis mobile crushing plant and it is combination of:

Feeding Hopper with vibrating feeder

PJC-60 Primary Jaw Crusher

Cone Crusher, METSO HP 100, Sandvik CH430

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1

Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher 1-PMCC1

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