50 tons Bolted type Cement Silo

50 tons Bolted type Cement Silo

50 tons Bolted type Cement Silo

Polygonmach's 50 ton bolted cement silo is a storage system with wide usage areas both at home and abroad. This product, which is the key to a strong and efficient construction site management, has made a name for itself in the sector with its production of quality materials, high workmanship and the professional installation service offered afterwards.

Cement silos are among the indispensable elements of the construction industry. Especially in large-scale construction projects, cement silos are used to meet the cement need quickly, efficiently and safely.

Polygonmach's 50 ton bolted cement silo is a specialized structure designed to meet cement storage needs in harsh construction site conditions.

This silo stands out with its Q235 steel structure produced by the hot-dip galvanized coating process. Each plate is assembled together with workmanship to ensure product durability and to ensure the entire structure is resistant to both static and dynamic loads.

There is a special flow regulator system in the silo to ensure homogeneous cement distribution and flow. Additionally, thanks to the observable level indicator, the fill level of the silo can be checked at any time.

Upper chambers usually have a manual butterfly valve or automatic control valve. This structure prevents unwanted overflows by stopping the cement flow when the filling level reaches 100 percent.

At the bottom of the cement silo, there is a valve system to regulate the cement flow rate. These valves can usually be easily adjusted by pneumatic control.

The main feature that makes this product stand out is its easy installation. The silo comes in parts and is assembled correctly on site. This both reduces shipping costs and speeds up the assembly process.
The assembly of the 50 ton bolted cement silo is done by expert teams. Silon parts are fixed to the surface with bolts and screw types. Accuracy meters are used for assembly corrections.

We have domestic and international services for product shipment and assembly. Professional transportation companies under our responsibility are used in accordance with predetermined delivery dates.

Regarding transportation, Polygonmach company offers all its services to international customers with a widespread network. The processes of transporting the products by packaging them securely, assembling them correctly and checking their functions are carried out with great care and meticulousness.

Offering many advantages to its users, especially high storage capacity, durable structure, easy assembly, superior protection features and longevity, the 50 ton bolted cement silo stands out as a product that adds value to its users.

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