100-150 TPH Granite Crushing & Screening Plant

100-150 TPH Granite Crushing & Screening Plant

100-150 TPH Granite Crushing & Screening Plant

Unlock the enduring beauty and strength of granite with our robust 100-150 TPH Granite Crushing & Screening Plant. Revered for centuries, granite stone boasts durability and aesthetic appeal, making it a premium choice for construction and decorative practices.

Our cutting-edge facility brings this ancient natural luxury into the modern age, deploying advanced engineering to crush and screen granite efficiently. The heart of our operations lies in the sophisticated machinery capable of handling the rigors of granite processing. From massive raw boulders to polished slabs and versatile gravel, our plant ensures uniformity in size and texture.

*How it works:*

The crushing process involves several stages, starting from primary jaw crushing to reduce the large blocks into more manageable pieces. This is followed by secondary crushing and tertiary fine crushing to achieve the desired size. Throughout this process, screening ensures only properly-sized material passes on to the next stage, while rejects are cycled back for further processing.

*Manufacturing and Assembly:*

Crafted with excellence, each component of our granite crushing and screening plant is manufactured using high-grade materials that withstand the abrasive nature of granite processing. The design focuses on operational fluidity, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency.

The assembly of the plant is orchestrated with precision. Our experienced technicians ensure that each part aligns perfectly, delivering a seamless erection process that meets strict quality standards.

*Product Range:*

Our end product ranges in thickness, from fine granite dust used for landscaping to robust slabs for architectural projects. Innovation in our screening process means we can customize the granularity to meet the specific needs of your projects.


1. High throughput capacity ensures substantial output.
2. Energy-efficient operations result in lower running costs.
3. Robust design ensures longevity, even with constant use.
4. Versatility in product thickness caters to a range of applications.
5. Easy maintenance minimizes downtime.
6. Advanced safety features protect operators.
7. Environmental compliance with dust suppression systems.
8. User-friendly interface for operational control.
9. Efficient screening guarantees a uniform product grade.
10. Professional installation and customer support from Polygonmach.

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