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Polymer Modifications

Polymer Modifications

Polymer Modification Plant

The increasing traffic load and the number of vehicles cause the asphalt road pavements to deteriorate faster. Today, these deteriorations are prevented by using SBS modifying additives, especially in asphalt road pavements.

To mix bitumen and SBS homogeneously, a high shear mill that mixes SBS with bitumen as grinding is used. It is recommended to grind bitumen and SBS to mix completely homogeneously. SBS bitumen is pre-mixed at high temperatures, mixed in a specially modified bitumen mill.

Production capacity is in the range of 10-20 tons / hour.

Selection of high quality European or domestic brand mills.

Automatic (computerized) or manual control is provided.

Modified bitumen facilities are used in double tanks and the desired amount of rinsing can be done.

It\'s easy to use.

Easy and fast installation.

CE certified production

Since its compact design is suitable for highways, there is no shipping problem. Thanks to its special design, it is possible to be transported by container.

The difference can easily be seen in terms of the ease of use of the system with short-term personnel training.

It has the feature of being the most economical facility of its segment with its selection of suitable and high quality equipment.

Modified Hot Asphalt road (railway, airport, highway, metrobus roads, tunnels, viaducts) can respond clearly to all needs.

Disk space automatically adjusts itself according to production capacity. The ability to adjust disk space prevents mistakes that can be made by staff. Already, the biggest mistake and failure in the cost of the facilities is experienced during disc adjustment in the mills. Although it can be adjusted manually, the discs are not damaged even if manual intervention is possible thanks to the electronic protection in the milling control system.