What is the Function of Crushing and Screening Plant?


The function of crushing provides possibilities abour many issues. To crushing mine and stone is very hard and trouble process. This situation is needed to work with profeesionally. The general name of the facility providing stone crushing service is a crushing plant. Crushers are of great importance, especially when moving the rock for the first time. It takes huge systems and powerful machines to smash these huge rocks. Stones that are broken into smaller pieces with these machines are suitable for construction. Stones are crushed and converted into raw materials for the construction industry. These stones are utilised in works such as roads, bridges, infrastructure.The crushing plant and its equipment be formed in different types according to where they are used.Stationary crushers are utilised in areas where the rock is the first and enormous, such as mines and mines of stones.Stationary crushing plants have a higher capacity. The gravel here be formed various sizes. Mobile crushers, on the other hand, are usually preferred on construction sites. Here the already crushed stones are reduced to smaller sizes. Stones are supplied in the required sizes according to the application area.


First of all, stone crushing machines are manufactured in different sizes and offer the necessary performance and efficiency. This is a big advantage of beginning production by planning the project according to the criteria defined between the customer and manufacturer. These crushing and screening plants are formed as compact machines that perform all the work you need as a shredder.They are specially formed, adapted to your needs, as well as manufactured as stationary or mobile crushers. The fact that companies can choose products with different designs according to their business areas is also an important factor when choosing the material to be processed. The thickness, hardness and abrasiveness of the processed material are extremely effective in determining which equipment will be used in the stone crushing plant. At this stage, a choice can be made within the framework of the crushing plant business plan.


Crushing plant aggregate is a mobile crusher utilised to extract aggregates, which is the basic material of the construction industry. The aggregate crusher crushes large stones such as granite, basalt, marble, as well as hard mines, allowing the extraction of sand, gravel and smaller crushed stones. From this point of view, the general name of materials of different sizes, such as sand, small gravel, crushed stone or slag, is aggregate. Aggregates can be extracted directly from these stones, which are found in nature in small sizes, and aggregates can be produced artificially. Aggregates are obtained by processing some large stones or hard minerals from nature in crushing and screening systems, called crushing systems, and constitute the basic building material of many important industries. Crushing plant aggregate production is mostly done with naturally occurring aggregates. These crushing systems, which can be easily transported from one place to another with their movable structures, are called mobile aggregate crushers.


The crushing plant for sale in Australia presents many advantages for people living in this country. From this point of view, it is also possible to access the automation of the crushing and screening plant. The automation of the crushing plant, created by various companies, is produced taking into account the wishes and needs of the customer. It also aims to achieve the highest possible efficiency and optimal product quality, without depending on the operator's initiative. The characteristics of these automations are as follows:

  • Multilingualism

  • Dual screen design

  • Convenient control cabinet

  • Fast technical support with remote access

  • Robust reporting system

  • Automatic and manual control option

  • Highly protected field devices and panels

  • Fast and secure seamless communication system

  • Maximum job security

  • Redundant PLC control technology

  • Electrification system without loss of quality

  • Automatic maintenance system feeding material to crushers

  • Locking system

  • To be able to make order and planned production

  • Easy calibration

  • Web server function.

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