What is Asphalt Plant for Quality Asphalt Production?

What is Asphalt Plant for Quality Asphalt Production?

What is the process of asphalt plant production?

Asphalt plants materials consisting of black, brown or grey tones are more durable and is viscous. Asphalts, which have different chemical components and can be used as hot or cold, are used in roof systems for the purpose of covering airports and roads and providing waterproofing. In the facilities called Aspalth Plant, mixtures are prepared hot and filling, bitumen and aggregate materials helps to do so. The facilities where asphalts are produced emerge with the merging of many main sections.

• Cold feeding units of aggregates
• Conveyor belts
• Dryers
• Filtering systems
• Filling elevators
• Aggregate elevators
• Vibrating screens
• Storage silos
• Filling scales and bitumen systems
• Asphalt plant mixers
• Control systems

Again, the facilities designed as Aspalth Plant are divided into different groups among themselves. There are many reasons why plant types differ.

Aspalth Plant Types

1. Continuous type asphalt plants

Asphalt plants of continuous type are designed for easy and fast asphalt production. Although there are no sieves and weighing scales in the facilities, the mixtures are constantly passed through a mixer and dryer stages. Fixed plants produced with mobile or fixed designs between 80 and 400 tons are specially designed for the production of high-quality asphalt. Spindle mixer systems not only make the asphalt flexible, but also help the materials to be mixed with each other better. Drying of the mixture is also carried out in a different mixer, not in a special dryer.

While the mixers function as a buffer, emissions are minimized in the working systems and the material components are fed with the mixer. The start and stop times are made thanks to a quick recipe change. Spare part costs can also be reduced for this reason.

2. Batch type asphalt plants

It is a facility designed for the production of high-quality asphalts. High quality asphalt is produced in these facilities. All equipment necessary to give a recipe for ingredients is complete. First of all, the materials are separated into sizes with the help of sieves. Then, the products weighed on a precision scale are mixed between 40 and 50 seconds. These facilities, which have a production range of 80 to 160 tons/hour, offer easy transportation and assembly.

Although there is no difference when evaluated in terms of final product and product quality, special projects can also be designed in line with the wishes and demands of the customers. All equipment systems have been mobilized as well as being carried as 2 chassis according to the number of equipment.

This Asphalt Plant, which has different names such as hot mix plant, asphalt mixing plant, consists of many equipment used to produce road pavements. These products, which are used on highways, airports, roads and pavements, also have various classification standards. There are many plant groups such as batch mixes, drum mixes, recycling-based materials, mobile facilities. It is used in fixed or mobile asphalt plants in the products obtained by mixing the aggregates classified according to different sizes with the mixer. The aim of the plants will be to ensure that asphalts are produced in high quality facilities. Quality and hot bitumen also means quality roads.

Points to Consider in Asphalt Facilities

When it comes to asphalt plant, the first point that comes to mind is definitely education. Training is important in terms of the safety of the employees and the professionalism of the job. Of course, the first issue taken into consideration by our company is training. After the training, there are maintenance, transportation and installation stages. The first stage of satisfaction of service buyers from asphalt plants is transportation. Our company, which provides services within international standards, is extremely meticulous in the maintenance, installation and transportation stages. After these stages, the terms and conditions also need to be evaluated. Durability and quality should be given importance in the facilities, care should be taken to ensure that the products used are environmentally friendly. Our company, which offers products and services at international quality standards, offers innovative and efficient business solutions for maintenance projects and road constructions. Asphalt products to be procured from our company release less dust into the environment, noise and environmental pollution are minimized, and the damage to the environment is also very low.

For Quality Mixing in Asphalt Plant

• Asphalt amount should be weighed. Required heat must be provided.
• Astega should be proportioned correctly and dried. It is necessary to make sure that all the grains inside are covered with asphalt.
• Attention should be paid to the mixing time. Time should be sufficient.
• In the system that will help spray the asphalt, attention should be paid to the nozzle diameter, spraying times, angles, pressure, etc.
• Boiler heaters, positions of pallets, discharge flaps etc. should be checked.
• The measuring devices in the plant should be calibrated.

After paying attention to these issues, many operations such as material loading and unloading, loading and unloading of hot asphalt, recycling processes, accumulation of dust in dryers, heating and drying of aggregates can be carried out. The main features of asphalt plants are the mixing of the materials contained in the asphalt. The purpose of the facilities is to manufacture asphalts with high temperatures within certain quality standards. These facilities, which consist of many parts such as belt, sieve, hell dryer, dry cyclone, mixer, asphalt tank, are made of various electronic and mechanical equipment for the purpose of loading mixed asphalts. When it is decided to purchase the plant by the entrepreneurs, it is necessary to consider these two different options and to come to a conclusion with all the factors. Our company, which guides customers to choose the best one, also promises you a solution as well as the ideal option.

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