What is Asphalt Plant and Asphalt Plant Types ?

What is Asphalt Plant and Asphalt Plant Types ?

What is Asphalt Plant?

Asphalt plant is all of the facilities specially designed to produce hot mix asphalt. First of all, in order to bring together different plant materials and ensure that they work in harmony, preliminary preparation and production phase design is made and asphalt plant installation is carried out. Thanks to the facility consisting of 11 different parts, asphalt concrete can be produced. Bitumen and filler materials are used in production and thus the desired asphalt is obtained. The desired feature in the facility is to heat the aggregate, to provide an attitude into this heated hot mixture and to mix other filling materials. It is possible to produce asphalt of desired quality by mixing in different proportions. The asphalt plant, which can be produced in different varieties, differs from each other in terms of capacity and quality.

What is Asphalt Plant Types ?

1. Stationary Batch Type Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

Stationary batch type hot mix asphalt plants are designed for large-scale asphalt production that requires a consistent mix quality and formula. These plants are capable of producing high-quality asphalt mixtures by following a specified recipe in which the materials are heated and mixed in measured batches. The process begins with the collection of aggregate materials which are then heated and dried before being mixed with bitumen at a specific temperature. This type of plant is usually preferred for its efficiency in maintaining precise mix designs, which is crucial for major construction projects like highways and airports. The stationary nature of these plants often requires a significant amount of space and a fixed installation site.

2. Mobile Hot Mix Batch Type Asphalt Plants

Mobile hot mix batch type asphalt plants offer more flexibility and mobility than their stationary counterparts. These plants are mounted on wheels or chassis, which allows for easy transportation from one location to another, making them ideal for projects that require frequent relocation. Similar to stationary batch plants, mobile batch plants also produce asphalt in batches, ensuring that each batch meets the desired mix specifications. The mobility factor often comes with some trade-offs in terms of production capacity and operational stability, but these plants are highly advantageous for temporary paving projects or remote locations that lack permanent plant infrastructure.

3. Continuous Type Mobile Asphalt Plants Drum Mix

Continuous type mobile asphalt plants, commonly known as drum mix plants, operate differently than batch type plants. These plants produce asphalt in a continuous process, without the need for batch mixing. The aggregate ingredients are fed into one end of a rotating drum, where they are heated and coated with asphalt binder. As the drum rotates, the materials move towards the other end where they exit as a continuous stream of asphalt mix. This method is highly efficient as it eliminates the stop-and-start processes associated with batch production, leading to higher productivity and lower operational costs. Continuous drum mix plants are suitable for projects where the demand for asphalt is continuous and substantial, such as in constructing long stretches of roadways.

How Much Does Asphalt Production Facility Cost?

Asphalt plant can be installed in different types and with different features. In this context, asphalt plants with different features are manufactured, including container type fixed asphalt plant and mobile asphalt plant. Asphalt plants with different production capacities are suitable for pre-determined construction sites to be installed and dismantled in a short time. These structures, which contain high-density steel, also have special silos and different systems. For these reasons, their pricing completely depends on the prices of these systems. The production and installation of the desired container type or mobile type asphalt plant can be done at different prices. You can contact us via our company's website or phone number to get information about its location and to get suitable offers on prices.

Asphalt Plant Contact

Asphalt plants are installed almost all over the world. Different asphalt plants are manufactured with a production capacity of 60 tons and 400 tons per hour. It is produced with quality and guaranteed that you can use for many years without any problems. Our company provides incision type fixed asphalt plant, bulk type mobile asphalt plant, continuous type mobile asphalt plant production and also assembly of many different plant materials, as well as 24/7 technical support and consultancy services after sales. Our company provides service with 24/7 communication on the website and phone numbers.

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