Screens Used in Crushing and Screening Plant

Screens Used in Crushing and Screening Plant

What are the Screens Used in the Crushing and Screening Plant?

    Vibratıng Screens

     The screens used in the separation of all kinds of broken and/or natural materials are divided into two as horizontal and graduated.

      Inclined Screens ensure the separation of crushed material. It can be used in all stages of a crushing and screening business to classify products by size. The screen determines the actual capacity of the plant. When the material is poured into the screens , it moves forward at a certain speed on the screens wire by means of vibration and is homogeneously laid on the screen. At this stage, the material smaller than the screen size is screened and passed to the lower floor.
Vibrating screens are manufactured in two, three or four layers, in various sizes and capacities.

     It has a design that can be adapted according to the type of screens material in types such as perforated sheet, perforated hardox sheet, polyurethane, especially the steel braided type, which is the most preferred type.

     The drive system is manufactured in the middle or above the screens body, as a single or double drive. Vibration is obtained by the rotation of eccentric weights attached to the shaft, which are embedded in the screen body. By changing the position of these eccentric weights relative to each other, the vibration amplitude of the screen can be easily adjusted.

     Depending on the characteristics of the desired product in the crushing and screening plant, it may be necessary to have a washing system on the vibrating screens . In this case, screens production in the desired size can be realized, equipped with a suitable washing system.

     There are nozzles lined up across the width of the screens . These nozzles spray water under pressure and form a water curtain on the screens . As the material advancing on the screens wire passes through this water screen, it dissolves the unwanted particles stuck on it and allows it to pass under the screen together with the water.
     The material poured into the feeding chute accelerates to the front, which ensures a homogeneous distribution of the material density on the screens . At this stage, the fine material is easily screened. Thus, it works with high capacity and efficiency.

    Grill Screens

     They usually work between the feeder and the Primary crusher. Heavy-duty mesh screens can take out the material below 100-110 mm that comes with the material during the feeding of large-sized stones to the primary crusher without entering the crusher.
It is used in two different stages of the crushing and screening process.

    It is placed between the feeder and the primer. It is used to separate the product that will go to the primer from the feeder and be bypassed.

    It is placed in front of the secondary crusher. By-passing the fine material coming from the primary crusher, it ensures that it does not enter the secondary crusher.

    The reason why it is preferred at these stages is that the material to be fed to this screens consists of very coarse grains. Standard inclined screens may be difficult to meet the desired capacity, and due to the coarseness of the material, steel mesh screen wires may need to be changed in a short time.

    Grid vibrating screens are manufactured in two layers in various sizes and capacities. Grid intervals can be easily adjusted according to the material size to be bypassed.

    Vibration in grate screens is obtained by the rotation of eccentric weights attached to the shaft, which are mounted on the screen body, as in inclined screens. The drive system is designed in such a way that the vibration required by the effective elimination can be easily adjusted with the adjustable weight system.

   Horizontal Screens

   Horizontal screens are precision product screens. Since the material transmission rates are not high, the residence time of the screened material on the screen surface is long. In this way, product leakage is minimized by ensuring that the materials go down to the lower floors.
Horizontal screens provide the highest quality screening compared to other types of screens. The grain size dimensions of the materials screened in horizontal screens give the closest value to the desired final size measurements. Eccentric weights are adjustable. They are linear vibrating screens.

   The two drives rotate in opposite directions to create a high-energy elliptical motion. Each drive system has two vibration boxes fixed to the body with a flange and a cardan shaft that provides synchronization.

   It is the eccentric weights in the vibration boxes that enable the elliptical movement of the screen to be carried out at the desired vibration amplitude.


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