Sale of Asphalt Plants Near Me and Asphalt Road Construction


What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a composite, petroleum-based road construction material consisting of mineral aggregates and bitumen, which is frequently used in areas such as parking lots, roads and airports. It contains asphalt cement (bitumen etc.) and various aggregates in its mixture. Asphalt, which is essentially a coating material, is a stable, durable and long-lasting building material. Asphalt is designed to carry the loads applied on it stably without being subjected to any shearing or shearing forces.

Asphalt used as road construction and road maintenance material is relatively elastic. It is produced by adopting principles such as minimum cracking and minimum deformation against the loads on it. Thanks to its slip-resistant, porous structure, it provides the opportunity to quickly drain water from its surfaces. Asphalt is a very durable building material. As it ages, it becomes more intense as a result of the pressure passing over it.

Today's roads are built by adding gravel and derivative stones to asphalt, which is a by-product of petroleum. For this reason, it is possible to say that asphalt production started in quarries. The crushed stones in the quarries are made smaller and asphalt is obtained by adding the raw material of asphalt into it.

Asphalt is used in the pavement of road surfaces in the world. However, since asphalt produced in Asphalt Plants for sale, which cannot meet a certain quality standard, has a very short lifespan, the areas where this material is used need constant maintenance and repair. This significantly increases the cost of road construction and coating. In this, there is a need for Asphalt Plants for Sale that produce quality asphalt.

In the production process carried out in POLYGONMACH Asphalt Plants, the bitumen is mixed with crushed natural stones and other minerals, which are classified in certain diameters and completely free of moisture, by meticulously sieved while hot, in order to obtain high quality hot asphalt. It is mixed with the aggregates in its content at an average of 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit in order to decrease the viscosity of the asphalt and reduce the viscosity ratio. The name given to this mixture is hot mix. This is called asphalt pavement. This mixture contains rock dust, sand and gravel. Stone and rock dusts, which are meticulously sieved to be separated in certain sizes, make up about ninety percent of the mixture. These go through a few minutes drying process. The reason for this is the removal of moisture in the asphalt, which reduces adhesion.

Asphalt mixed in a homogenized manner is immediately sent to the area where it will be applied by means of transport vehicles. Since asphalt freezes in a short time, it should be poured immediately after its production, that is, road construction works should be started. Then it is poured onto the road in the amount and form determined by the asphalt pavers. Then, it is passed over with a road roller, smoothing and compaction and bonding are applied to the ground. Asphalt dries within an hour at most, although it may vary slightly depending on the weather.

Moisture is the most important factor preventing the stickiness of asphalt. Therefore, it is necessary to purify the moisture in the mixture during asphalt production. If this dehumidification process is not applied, the asphalt used for road construction will crack and swell after a while. This means that the effort is wasted. In order to separate the moisture in the mixture from the mixture, heat is given to the mixture and moisture is taken from the mixture. In this way, asphalt is provided to be more durable and sticky.

When asphalt is poured on the road, asphalt is crushed with various crushing vehicles to make the road more durable. In this way, the roads made become more durable.

The use of poor quality asphalt and natural events cause asphalt to be destroyed over time. For this reason, it is ensured that the roads that have been destroyed over time are renewed and the transportation continues without interruption.

What Are the Properties of Asphalt?

Asphalt concrete, one of the oldest known building materials, is produced with the mixing ratios and methods determined by the ministries of transport of the countries. There are many reasons why asphalt pavement is so widely used.




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