Quality Standards in Asphalt Plant Production Near Me



As POLYGONMACH, our company, which produces asphalt plant, is aware that the quality of its products will emerge if it is used with personnel with the right training.

We provide business development trainings at regular intervals to different construction sites, companies, institutions and organizations and our customers in our portfolio. In addition, in line with the demands of our customers, we also have a theoretical and practical training process for employees.

We aim to make you more experienced and qualified in the field of quality asphalt production and paving through the correct and effective use of Asphalt Plants that we produce through applied, progressive and up-to-date trainings. Our team, which serves within our structure, has the knowledge, skills and equipment in accordance with the requirements of the age.

We provide both practical and theoretical training by conveying the technical information that plant operators need to know about asphalt production.

During the training process, we try to convey different contents such as designing a quality production process, asphalt production stages, compaction applications used in asphalt to the relevant personnel, theoretically and practically at the workplace.


The most important power that enables our business to grow more efficiently as a sector is the feedback from our customers. As POLYGONMACH, we adopt a customer satisfaction-oriented approach. We offer technical support for each product we have sold.

Therefore, after the sale of the Asphalt Plants that we have manufactured as POLYGONMACH, we offer after-sales technical support so that our customers can get the optimum benefit. Our technical service, which is expert in its field and works fast and solving the problems that may arise, serves you in general maintenance, repair and modification works, revision processes, especially assembly and disassembly processes.

Periodic maintenance of vehicles used in asphalt production is required. While this increases the efficiency that can be obtained from the technical materials used, it ensures a longer life. Our POLYGONMACH Technical Support Team offers you 24/7 service for the maintenance, repair and periodic inspection of the purchased products and the supply of the necessary spare parts without losing time. We offer an environment that is always ready to communicate and provide technical support for problems that may occur after our products meet with our customers.


As a well-known brand in the industry, we are pleased to offer you Asphalt plant spare parts service with a customer focus. As POLYGONMACH, we have a large stock of spare parts and we provide spare parts in case of any necessity. We provide a fast and positive response to our customers who contact us in case of any spare parts need. The services offered regarding spare parts have one-to-one compatibility with the original parts. This compatibility is a prerequisite for all parts and devices of the POLYGONMACH Asphalt Plant to work in harmony at the optimum level.


Our expert staff also provides the necessary transportation and assembly services after the purchase. Fast and accurate assembly is provided by our expert and experienced installation and assembly team, with practicality that can provide solutions against possible negativities.

After the purchasing stage, you can get technical assistance from us for all kinds of assembly processes of the asphalt plant and you can get help by contacting us through our contact numbers in order to carry out the process more healthily.


As Polygon Mach, the projects of Asphalt plants, which are environmentally friendly and low-cost, with flexible design according to customer needs, enable a reliable and environmentally friendly environment for heat, light, noise and dust formation. With the flexible design principle, our innovative and original design projects made by our expert designers according to the needs of our customers make our company the reason for preference. Thanks to these projects, medium and large-sized enterprises can achieve higher efficiency at a level that can maximize their business performance. With POLYGONMACH Asphalt Plants, high efficiency in asphalt production is offered with long-lasting full-capacity equipment. Our company also offers easy transportation and installation opportunities to its customers.