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Crushing and screening plants are machines that crush stones and rock pieces of different sizes, reduce them into aggregates and convert them into a suitable form for use.

The most basic material used in construction is aggregate. It constitutes approximately 90% of the asphalt material and approximately 80% of the concrete mixture. It is also the most basic building block for roads, bridges and buildings. Approximately, 28,000 tons of aggregates are required to build one km of intercity highways. An average house requires 400 tons of aggregate to build, while an average sized school or hospital requires around 15,000 tons of aggregate.

Aggregates are materials such as gravel, crushed rock and sand extracted from quarries. They are used to produce different composite products when mixed with binders such as water, cement and bitumen.

Aggregates must be dry and clean before use. The better the aggregates are processed, the better their quality.

The crushing and screening plants used for the production of aggregate material are produced as stationary and mobile. Mobile and fixed crushing and screening plants or stone crushing plants are facilities that produce aggregates in the required size for the construction industry. These facilities are produced with different features according to the type of material to be broken and the area where the facility will be established.

While stationary crushing and screening plants are stationary to a certain job site, they are suitable for long-term works; mobile crushing and screening plants are suitable for jobs that will be completed in a short time.

Mobile facilities can be transported to different business areas by a single truck and installed in the field in a short time. stationary and mobile crushing and screening plants can be produced in different production capacities.

Mobile crushing and screening plants are mostly used in mines. Mostly sand, gravel, gravel and similar products are produced. Primary, secondary or tertiary crushers are also needed to produce these materials. Thanks to these crushers, aggregate production is provided more easily and quickly. In addition, vibrating screens are used to classify the products extracted from mobile crushing sieving according to different dimensions.

Making the Correct Installation of Your Used Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

One of the main advantages of having a mobile crushing plant is that it can be moved from one work area to another if needed. As the project areas change, the field where the mobile crushing plant operates also changes.

Proper setup of the mobile crusher for operation is crucial not only to obtain the desired product quantity, but also to minimize wear on the parts of the primary, secondary and tertiary crusher that the plant has. Therefore, due care must be exercised when choosing a location for installation and preparing the plant for operation.

Initially, a mobile plant should always be set up on firm, level ground to ensure correct installation and correct operation of the crusher plant. It is obvious that installing the mobile crushing plant on fresh soil piles will cause many problems, as fresh soil will collapse during operation and prevent the mobile crushing plant from balancing evenly.

In the next step, the mobile crushing plant needs to be lifted by placing a concrete block under each foot to create space at the bottom for the conveyors.

At this stage, the installation is completed properly by carefully measuring the height of the mobile crushing plant and adjusting the hydraulic feet accordingly. During this process, instead of keeping the feet of the hydraulic legs on the hydraulics, it is necessary to place them securely on the locking pins to be attached.

When leveling the mobile crushing plant with a feeder or sieve, it is recommended that the leveling instrument be placed on these equipment so that they are properly leveled. If feeders and screens run on an unstable plane, oil can accumulate more on one side than the other, causing oil leaks and insufficient lubrication of high-side bearings and moving parts. This will cause wear and deformation in non-lubricated parts and reduce the service life of the parts.

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