Leading Concrete Plant for High-Quality Concrete Production

Leading Concrete Plant for High-Quality Concrete Production

How do you make high quality concrete?

Concrete is one of the products that we come across in many areas today. The quality of concrete, which is indispensable for the construction industry thanks to its strength, is also important in terms of structural strength. These works can be completed in a shorter time with the concrete machines called Quality Concrete Batching Plant. In addition to receiving quality service, customers can also gain advantages such as increasing profits and reducing costs. Along with technological innovations, construction companies put forward many construction machines with the aim of improving construction processes. Concrete batching plants are in charge of bringing together different types of materials in order to form concrete. The components used in the power plant can be air, water, additives, aggregate, sand, gravel, slag, silica fume, etc.
A facility for mixing concrete will help get the job done in less time. Thanks to quality construction services, customer satisfaction will increase and labour will decrease at the same time. As the day progresses and technology advances, companies prefer Concrete Batching Plant in order to complete the construction processes. Concrete plants, cement, sand and water, combined with the combination of various materials, the machines tasked with producing concrete provide quick answers to the needs of the companies.Concrete batching plants are one of the most important equipment of the construction sector, which is called the locomotive sector. These machines, which consist of many components such as power plants, cement batching machines, mixers, heaters, control panels, dust collectors, are indispensable for obtaining durable and quality concrete.

Concrete Batching Plant Classification

Considering the dosing equipment, Concrete Batching Plant is divided into 3 types.

1. Manual

These manually operated systems consist of dosing equipment. The accuracy of the discussion will depend on the visual observation by the operator. Again, the chargers work with power supports or by hand.

2. Automatic

Another machine that will take part in dosing is automatic machines. Weighing processes of all materials are carried out sequentially thanks to these machines. At the same time, the weight of the material is automatically detected by the scales, and the charging phase is completed by the devices when a certain weight is reached.

3. Commercial power plants

Concrete Batching Plant, which operates on a commercial basis, consists of different groups such as main computer for mixing, material weighing systems, storage and control systems. This power plant, used for commercial purposes, must be efficient and economical, while at the same time complying with environmental protection standards.

4. Dry-mix plants

Dry mix plants are also known as transit mixing plants. Materials such as sand, gravel, cement are transferred to the weighing decors manually or digitally. The components are then transferred to a trough by trucks. After water weighing and volumetric measurement processes, the mixers are transferred to the truck. The mixtures obtained during transportation are also mixed between 70 and 100 cycles.

5. Wet-mixed power plants

Some or all of the necessary components, including water, are sent to the concrete mixer towards a central location. At this stage, the concrete is mixed at a single point and then transferred to the construction site environment. Consistent level of mixtures can be offered in the dry ones of these mixing plants, which are different from the wet mixing plants.

6. Mobile concrete batching plants

These power plants, which are mobile, ie portable, are preferred for the production of concrete piles. It is among the biggest advantages of being efficient, reliable and cost effective. By using it when the users need concrete blending, the blended concrete can be transported to different areas in this way.

7. Fixed Concrete Batching Plant

In addition to mobile plants, there are also fixed Concrete Batching Plant types. It is preferred due to its advantages such as high efficiency and high specification. In addition to being made of reliable and flexible components, it can also be used in many projects such as tunnels, dams, buildings and ports.

8. Tower mixing plants

Traditionally used mixing plants provide savings by passing the metering systems and vertical discharge stages and are used with the aim of maximizing efficiency. Although they differ according to their models, the products that are limited to container and floor modules offer fast installation. Volume and quantity are determined according to customer demands.

9. Container systems

Container systems, which are a new type of concrete blending, are products where many stages such as material storage, transportation and control can be done. It takes up little space, is easy to assemble and offers a comfortable transportation.
Our company offers fast solutions to different needs with its reliable, innovative and durable products. Designed to meet the demands, these products allow inspection of plant components and offer easy blending. Concrete batching plants meet the need for high quality concrete for roads, airports, bridges and other construction solutions. Mobile, compact or designed according to many customer demands, power plants also offer special solutions for different types of concrete. These products, which are indispensable for the concrete industry, are flexible, high-performance and compact products. The products installed for construction materials and high-quality concrete products are designed according to the scope of the project. These products, which are specially designed for the individual and give quick answers to the industry sector, can serve in different fields for many years.

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Pioneer in Innovative Technology: Polygonmach

POLYGONMACH is a leading global manufacturer of concrete batchingplants, crushing screening plants, and asphalt plants. With TSE and ISO 9001 quality assurance certifications ans a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the construction industry. Our extensive range of high-performance plants caters to the diverse needs of construction projects, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and durability.


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