Jaw Stone Crusher For Sale

Jaw Stone Crusher For Sale

What is a jaw crusher?

        Jaw crushers are machines that allow to obtain products of 10-1500mm size from hard materials such as rock and stone pieces. These machines, called Crusher, consist of a fixed and movable jaw. As a working principle, the product is obtained by crushing the material used in the desired size with the movable jaw placed inside the fixed jaw. The resulting product comes out of the jaw under the crusher. By changing the discharge opening, the dimensions of the product to be obtained are determined. Jaw crushers are preferred in many business areas, especially mining, recycling, construction sand and gravel facilities.

        If we list the advantages of jaw crushers;

       The simplicity of its overall structure

       Extremely high wear resistance (significantly reduces maintenance costs)

       Easy to install and transport High efficiency in all weather conditions

       Jaw rock crusher machines for sale are produced in different models and with different technical features, according to the wishes of those who do not have them. Jaw crushers are used in hard and soft materials, but the most preferred use is for the reduction of hard and abrasive materials.

      Jaw Rock Crusher Prices For Sale

      Jaw rock crusher prices vary according to the quality of the material used in the products, the mobility of the crusher, its technical equipment and the reduction ratio of the material to be crushed. Customer request is extremely important in prices. You can easily contact us from our contact addresses on our website by providing you with 24/7 consultancy service with our expert consultants.

      Types of Jaw Crusher Machines for Sale

      Jaw crushing machines are divided into two as fixed and mobile. While stationary crushing machines are used in longer-term projects, mobile jaw crushing machines are used in shorter projects. Both products should be purchased according to the projects. Mobile crushing machines can also be tracked and can be operated comfortably anywhere in the working area. Fixed crushing machines, on the other hand, will be an extremely suitable choice in projects where high performance is required. Besides these machines, it can be enriched with products such as vibrating screens and cement silos.

      Jaw Mobile Crusher

      Jaw crushers are divided into 3 according to their material reduction ratio. These:

      1)Primary Impact Crushers:

      High production capacity takes excellent results in medium and hard materials. The high reduction ratio of these crushers allows for secondary crushing requirement. Helps maximize capacity.

      ♦Using manganese-lined thick plates in the parts of the facility where wear may occur.
      ♦ Large and spherical roller bearings
      ♦ Steel wheels are manganese alloy

      2) Secondary Impact Crushers:

Its wear is very low. It has cubic shape and high capacity. Their high durability combined with their easy maintenance significantly reduces downtime. POLYGONMACH Secondary Impact Crushers have three stages and can perform primary, secondary and tertiary crushing operations thanks to their pendulums.

      Its rotor is purified and high durabilityY
      ♦ Large spherical roller bearings
      ♦ Opening the body with two hydraulic cylinders
      ♦ High degree of reduction
      ♦ Large discharge opening
      ♦ Hydraulic adjustment system that allows breaker plate opening changes during crushing

     3) Tertiary Impact Crushers:

It is the ideal crusher for crushing medium hard and non-abrasive materials up to 5 mm in one go. These crushers, which are larger in size compared to the others, work with maximum performance in a closed loop to obtain a smaller product. With the hydraulic opening mechanism, users can easily perform maintenance and adjustment operations.

    High reduction rate
    Speed and cutting equipment and selective crushing
    Easy replacement of wearing parts

     Jaw Fixed Crusher Plants

     These crushers stand out with their high performance and high durability. Thanks to fixed crusher plants, operations can be done faster and with less manpower.

     Fixed crushers can be owned as zero or second hand. However, considering the work done by these facilities in second-hand products, it is known that wear is high. Therefore, it will be the most logical choice to buy a brand new product and get high performance for many years.

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