Bolted-Horizontal-Type-Welded Cement Silo

Bolted-Horizontal-Type-Welded Cement Silo

What are the different types of cement silos?

At Polygonmach, we are proud to offer our customers cement silo solutions to suit their various needs. Bolted Type, Welded Type and Horizontal Type Cement Silos are the three most preferred types of silos in the industry.

1)Bolted Type Cement Silos

Bolted cement silos are a popular choice in the construction industry for storing cement. These silos are assembled on-site using bolts and require minimal welding during installation. The bolted design allows for easy transportation and reassembly if needed. They are known for their cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and ability to be customized to suit different storage capacity requirements. Additionally, bolted cement silos are durable and can withstand various weather conditions, making them reliable storage solutions for construction projects.

2)Welded Type Cement Silos

Welded cement silos are commonly used in the construction industry for storing cement. These silos are manufactured off-site as a single welded unit and then transported to the desired location. Welded silos are known for their strong and sturdy construction, making them a durable storage solution for cement. They are suitable for handling large quantities of cement and are often chosen for their reliability and long-term performance. Welded cement silos are designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions and provide secure storage for construction materials on-site.

3)Horizontal Type Cement Silos

Horizontal Type Cement Silos, as the name suggests, have a horizontal design. These silos are generally used for lower capacity needs and offer a cost-effective storage solution. Thanks to their portability and space-saving design, they are preferred in projects and places with space restrictions.

As Polygonmach, we carry out the production and assembly of all three cement silo types with the latest technology and perfectionist principles. Our production process is thoroughly inspected and tested in accordance with the highest quality standards.

You can contact our experienced team to determine the most suitable cement silo type for you and find the most suitable solution for your needs. Whether bolted, welded or horizontal type cement silo, Polygonmach's wide range of products is ready to meet your needs. Trust us for the highest quality, durability and performance.


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