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Crushing and Screening Plant

30.04.2021 16:42

Crushing and Screening Plants

Sand and gravel are used for concrete and various mortars, especially asphalt, which are used in many areas such as superstructure projects and road construction projects. In order to obtain this material, a screening and crushing plant should be installed and the rocks should be crushed, or sand mixed with soil in rivers and similar sand basins should be removed, sieved, cleaned and separated for use. In order to carry out these operations, various mechanisms must be assembled and operated in a certain order. Our company designs and manufactures crushing and screening equipment with different capacity values in order to obtain the required materials and installs facilities with this equipment upon request.

Mobile Crushing Plant

The stone crushing plant, which is required for the production of materials of different hardness and different sizes in order to obtain the asphalt gravels required for road construction or to obtain the pebbles used in the formation of the infrastructure, must be mobile on highways. Fixed systems are not preferred due to the transportation of the material and the difficulty of dismantling after the job is completed. Instead, a mobile crushing and screening facility is preferred, which is easy to install and disassemble and can easily start the crushing process of the stone in a short time. Our company establishes a screening and crushing plant with different features to easily break even rocks with high abrasive and high hardness such as granite, basalt, gabbro, limestone, dolomite, and to bring them to the desired size.

Stone Crushing and Screening Plant

In the construction of railways or highways, both the infrastructure material and the pebble stone added to the asphalt are generally obtained by breaking from the rocks. In order to have different types and features of rocks, crushing machines with suitable capacities should be used. Our company, which installs stone screening and crushing plants in order to have stones of different properties, makes your work easier with the impact, jaw, tongue shaft crushing machines you need. It enables the production of materials in different formats from 0 to 1100 millimeters with machines in different crushing sites, including primary, secondary and tertiary crushers. In this way, you can easily have the opportunity to produce different types of materials that you need in different environments. You can get consultancy service from our company in order to choose the most suitable type of mobile jaw or cone crusher or impact crusher according to your needs.


Cement Silo

30.04.2021 16:39

Cement Silo

Cement silo is the systems used to store the concrete required in concrete plants, whose number is increasing day by day in our country and in the world. The dimensions of the cement silo can be manufactured in different capacities according to the design and production or the needs of the facility. Cement silos used by companies providing ready-mixed concrete services today can have a concrete storage capacity of 30 to 500 tons. Although production is based on an average storage capacity of 30 to 500 tons, the storage capacity can be increased according to the needs of the concrete plant. The main purpose of use of cement silos is to ensure the quality of the concrete at the time it is prepared and the storage of the concrete for a long time. In this way, the concrete stored although it was first prepared can be delivered to the desired customer on time without any interruption.

Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete plants facility consists of many different parts, especially the cement silo. In concrete plants, different quality and different amounts of concrete are made ready and stored. In order to prepare concrete with different properties, it is ensured that water, sand, cement and different chemicals are mixed, and material is produced in accordance with the desired standards. In order to complete these processes, the need to install different machines together is also met. Concrete plants can be manufactured in different production capacities as well as in different designs and with different features. It can be a fixed type concrete batching plant depending on demand, and mobile type concrete batching plants are also manufactured upon request. Concrete batching plant installations, which are fully safe and equipped with the latest technology products in accordance with all needs, are carried out by our company with a guarantee.

Crushing and Screening Plant

In order to produce pebble or gravel-like materials used in many fields, especially concrete, there is a need for screening and crushing plants. The rock materials crushed by the screening process are separated in different sizes so that the desired materials can be used according to the concrete type. Apart from concrete, it is used as a filling material or in asphalt production by producing stones of different sizes and different features. The materials produced in a suitable size for the screening and crushing plants for concrete are stored in bunkers by precise weighing and dosing in the plants and if needed, they are transferred to the customer from the storage. You can contact our company for the production and installation of concrete batching plants with different capacities and different features, and you can get detailed information.


Bitumen Emulsion

30.04.2021 16:37

Bitumen Emulsion and Polymer Modification Plant

With the developing technology all over the world, road construction and therefore the asphalt requirement has increased. Bitumen emulsion is used in the road stabilization phase to produce different types and different kinds of asphalts. In order to be able to produce asphalt with the desired properties and conform to the standards and to be durable for a long time in various regions, not to break, to be elastic, and to stick well to the soil layer, first, the design and production of the polymer medication plant should be done by professional teams. Polymer modification and bitumen emulsion plants can be installed by creating combinations of different properties with different capacities and different numbers. Different asphalt plants with both fixed and mobile features can be established. Thanks to these facilities, which are built according to the needs, you can easily respond to the needs of the customer.

Bitumen Emulsion

Depending on where the customer will use the asphalt, polymer modification facilities are specially designed upon request. It is possible to easily move and set up in container type facilities. Thanks to the system's internal regulators and weighing, it can work in harmony in any environment. For this reason, it is specially prepared for polymer modification processes and optional insulation can be carried out by our company. By providing the necessary conditions for all kinds of asphalt that require sensitive and professional production such as stone mastic asphalt (SMA), the processes of formulating bitumen, weighing, and sensitive mixing with Germany-oriented mills are fully met. Thanks to the bitumen emulsion facility, bitumen production with desired properties is made and offered to customers at affordable prices.

Emission Emulsion Plant

There are different facilities that provide bitumen emission. Container-type compact structures are created by making practical designs for easy transportation and easy installation. In this way, container type systems can be easily transported by means of transport vehicles. Since many parts such as the mill, bitumen pump, bitumen valve and bitumen and emission pipelines, which are manufactured with jacket heating feature, are manufactured professionally in container structures, it can be transferred without any problems and the production can be started in a short time by easily installing in the desired area. All productions are resistant to working with acidic water and are also affected by external factors at a minimum level. You can contact our company for designs in different capacities for requirements.


Concrete Plant

30.04.2021 10:34

Concrete Plant

Ready-mixed concrete is preferred in many areas, especially in superstructure projects, in our country and in the world. In order to meet the increasing need for concrete over time, various companies are installing concrete plants and thus trying to meet the increasing demand. Ready-mixed concrete is provided by concrete plants. Different concrete plants can be produced in accordance with the desired capacities with the designs suitable for the needs, and unlimited design possibilities are offered by making different set mixer installations. Concrete plants that can produce for the desired cubic meter / hour can be designed and installed easily. Many different mixers such as twin-shaft mixers, single-shaft mixers, planetary mixers, pan mixers, conical mixers are designed by our company and the most accurate mixers are used according to the desired concrete type.

High Quality Concrete Plants

Production in concrete plants is carried out in terms of the targeted production, however, a performance delivered above its capacity may cause problems for the facility over time. For this reason, it should be taken into consideration that the design and planning is done in the correct way before the concrete plant is installed and that the capacity is expandable in the following process. Our company makes use of world's leading high-quality products during production and installation, and uses products of brands such as SIEMENS, SHNEIDER, KOHLER etc. especially in electronic components. Thanks to its advanced features, it is easy to use and can be used to monitor all stages in case of any undesired situation and makes plant installations with the capability to control and have an emergency stop option. Primarily, facilities that can produce high quality concrete in accordance with the standards of occupational safety are produced and assembled.

Production of Concrete Plants

Along with the developing technologies, the production of concrete plants with different production capacities and with different design and functions are carried out by our company. By building silos of different capacities and different sizes, both stationary concrete batching plants and mobile concrete batching plants are produced. The products are produced both bolted and welded, thus exhibiting a high level of durability against vibration and all working conditions. It is ensured that all components, especially cement silos, show high level of resistance to environmental conditions.


Asphalt Plant

30.04.2021 10:28

Asphalt plant is the entirety of the facilities specially designed to produce hot mix asphalt. In order to bring the materials and to ensure that they work in harmony, the preliminary preparation and production phase design is made, and the asphalt plant is installed. Thanks to the installation consisting of 11 different parts, asphalt production can be made. Bitumen, filler, aggregate, sand are used in the production and thus the desired asphalt is obtained. The desired feature in the installation is to heat the aggregate and to ensure that bitumen and other filling materials are mixed into this heated mixture. Asphalt production of desired quality can be achieved by mixing in different proportions. Asphalt plants, which can be produced in different types, differ from each other in terms of capacity and quality.

Asphalt plant can be installed in different types and features. In this context, various asphalt plants are manufactured, including tower type fixed asphalt plant and mobile asphalt plant. Asphalt plants with different production capacities are suitable for pre-determined construction and disassembly in a short time for the work sites. These structures, which contain steel in majority, also have special silos and different systems. For these reasons, their pricing depends entirely on the prices of these systems. The desired fixed tower type or mobile type asphalt plant production and installation can be made at different prices. You can contact our company through our website or by calling our phone number to get further information about its location or to get suitable offers on prices.

Asphalt plants are installed almost all over the world. Different asphalt plants with a production capacity of 60 tons and 400 tons per hour are manufactured. Qualified and guaranteed production is made so that you can use for many years without any problems. Our company provides fixed type asphalt plant, batch type mobile asphalt plant, continuous type mobile asphalt plant production and installation of many different plant materials, as well as providing after-sales technical support and consultancy services 24/7. Our company provides services 24/7 communication through our website and phone numbers.


Granul Feeder Embraked on Our Customer

17.03.2021 12:46

Asphalt Plant Granule / Fiber Feeding equipment set out for our valued customer. Fiber / Granule system enables flexible / colored asphalt asphalt production. Good luck to our customer


Ant Type Mobile 30m3 Concrete Batching Plant has been comissioned.

16.03.2021 13:52

Polgonmach has commissioned succesfully 30m3 site type ant mobile concrete batching plant in EU. The plant goes wtih a 50t bolted type silo and belt conveyor 800x14000mm. with tablet controlled, full automatic.


Mobile Crushing And Screening Plant Put into Service in

13.03.2021 17:01

Polygonmach has added another one to the list of references. PMSV70 Mobile vertical shaft crushing plant was put into service. Our company aims to provide customer satisfaction by sending its authorized personnel and completing the necessary education, training and testing processes. After the delivery process, our customer started production and we wish him to be fertile.