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Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV

Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV

Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV

Polygonmachmanufactures different types and sizes of mobile sand making plants. In fact, configuration of our mobile sand making plants are not so different from our other types of mobile crushing plants. Reason of calling this product class as “mobile sand making plant” is because the crusher in the plant is vertical shaft impact crusher (VSI crusher). Most of the time, Polygonmach mobile sand making plants are used in case of needing high ratio of fine material. In other words, if 0-4 mm or similar sizes of fine fractions are needed with more than 50% in overall production amount, our mobile sand making plants are the right choices.

Polygonmach mobile (portable) sand making plants can be equipped with a VSI . Capacity of mobile sand makers are defined according to the size of the crusher located. Other elements of the configuration such as feeding hopper, vibrating sieve, conveyors etc are choosen according to the size of the pre-choosen crusher. It is possible to reach even 250 ton per hour capacity by using VSI900.

While the “V” series mobile sand making plants includes one of the vertical shaft impact crushers. Both series have similar sophisticated features which are the result of advanced engineering and R and D studies done by Polygonmach engineers for the years. Advantage of “V” series is better cubical shape and higher ratio of sand.

POLYGONMACH PMSV Mobile Crushing and Screening plant is also called as MOBILE SAND MAKING MACHINE is a perfect solution for production of especially fine material that is also known as sandwhich has between 0-5 mm granul size with excellent cubic shape.

POLYGONMACH PMSV is the result of advanced design and engineering, premium quality components with long life and excellent craftsmanship.In addition to the materials which is provided by precrushing in primary and secondary crushing operations, it is also possible to feed the system directly with natural stone which is not bigger than 35 mm.

All kinds of materials with different hardness levels such as granite, basalt, dolomite, gabbro, limestone etc can be processed by POLYGONMACH PMSV with satisfying results.​

Production Capacity: 100-250 tph

Maximum Feeding Size: 35-50 mm

Feeding Height: 3.8 meters

Main Configuration: VSI Crusher Vibrating Screen

Total Motor Power: 185-385 kW

Electric Generator Requirement: 400 kVA

Weight of the plant: 28 Tonnes

Sizes of the plant:14(L) x 3 (W) x 14.2(L) meters​

Chassis TypeSingle chassis on wheels, equipped with hydraulic opening legs.

Production capacity of POLYGONMACH PMSV mobile sand making machine differs between 100 to 250 tph according to hardness level of the material to be crushed. In addition to 0-5 mm sand, it is possible to get up to 3 different fractions at the same time.

POLYGONMACH PMSV Mobile Sand Making Plant is the combination of:

Feeding Hopper with vibrating feeder

VSI 700-800-900 CR Closed Rotor Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Feeding Conveyors

Vibrating Screen with 3 decks

Feedback Conveyor

Stockpile Conveyors

Mobile chassis with hydraulic legs

Automation System with PLC and remote controller

Dust Removing System

Electric Generator Set (Optional)

In case of necessity, it is possible to locate a diesel electric generator set to the chassis of the plant.

POLYGONMACH PMSV is a user friendly system which offers easy mount/assemble features to its users. The system can be put into operation in only few hours after reaching the jobsite. In case of request, feeding hopper covers and stockpile conveyors can be equipped with hydraulic opening mechanism and in that case whole system can be taken to working position without any external equipment.

POLYGONMACH PMSV is equipped with high-tech automation system including top class SIEMENS – SCHNEIDER brand electronic components and PLC .

Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV
Mobile Sand Maker Plants-PMSV

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