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Mobile Material-Sand-Gravel-Soil Dosing Blending Hopper

Mobile Material-Sand-Gravel-Soil Dosing  Blending Hopper

The material bunker is used to mix or combine materials such as earth, sand and gravel, which are screened and separated, in the desired proportion, in the places to be filled, such as asphalt, blending on soil-stabilized roads.

The number of material hoppers and capacities can be made according to customer\'s request.

4-5-6 kinds of materials can be placed, the material can be mixed at the desired speed with the help of dosing belts and frequency converters.

Mobile or fixed dosage mixtures can be made.

It can be used as a cold feed bin/hopper/bin in asphalt plants.

It can be used as a feeding hopper and dosing hopper in mechanical soilr bending plant installations.

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