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Mobile Asphalt Plants

Mobile Asphalt Plants

Spare Parts, Overhaul, Handling Service

Bag filter

The dust collection system includes support legs for easy installation and application. The filter dust collection system is perfectly adapted to the mixing plant capacity. The vertical placement of the filter bags guarantees the maximum use of surface area with efficient filter function.

Asphalt Plant Dryer

Polygon dryer creates a maximum heat transfer surface thanks to its special wing design. It allows you to remove moisture from the aggregate with minimal fuel consumption and heat it to the desired temperature.

Our advantages;

The drying rollers and rings are made of long-lasting forged steel.

Easily replaceable bolt-type balancing springs that evenly distribute the body load

Rockwool coated body with stainless steel insulation coating and suitable for heat transfer

Smooth operation under load with soft starter support

An automatic burner that can be adjusted according to humidity and aggregate quantity (optional

The drum pipe, made of thick-walled, massive steel construction, provides maximum efficiency, very low exhaust gas temperatures and prevents temperature losses during the drying process thanks to special fittings.


Polygon machinery can meet the transportation, overhaul, maintenance, spare parts needs of asphalt plant of all brands and types and can reproduce its equipment.

Some spare parts;

Elevator chain and elevator bucket

Filter bags

Dryer rings and drums

Mixer lugs and handles

Valves - Pistons - Switches

Asphalt and hot oil valves

Asphalt and hot oil pumps

Springs and valves

Heater cables

Batch Display

Polygon asphalt plant filters the aggregate with excellent accuracy due to its low slope and special sieve mesh structure.


The sieve surface area varies according to the asphalt plant capacity

Dustproof design

Front maintenance cover opened with pneumatic system

Easy switchable display network