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Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

The POLYGON JAW crusher is designed to handle the initial crushing process of any type of material, from the softer limestone to the hardest granite. Among our stationary and mobile crushing equipment, the POLYGON jaw crushers are used as the primary crusher. The high speed of the flywheel, the jaw angle, the safety plate and the rear block, the high performance, reliability, strength and user-friendly jaw crusher adjustment mechanism brought by the special geometry provide users with excellent operating advantages.

All our jaw crushers are equipped with hydraulic adjustment mechanism. The hydraulic adjustment mechanism allows the jaw gap to be adjusted according to the required final product fraction size. Features of POLYGON JAW crusher: The solid base frame is immersed in water, arc welding is performed, and then heat is dissipated. Heavy-duty super-large self-aligning spherical roller bearings.

The Pitmans of our jaw crusher can withstand the heaviest loads, thanks to its forged chrome-nickel steel casting material.

If necessary, the POLYGON jaw crusher is equipped with an automatic lubrication system.

The large flywheel ensures that inertia is maintained and even the hardest materials can be crushed.

You can view the technical specifications, technical drawings, main dimensions and transportation types of our jaw crushers by clicking the relevant tabs.