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Dry Type Batching Polygonmach Dry Concrete

Dry Type Batching Polygonmach Dry Concrete

Polygonmach Dry Concrete Plant Polygonmach fully automatic stationary and mobile dry type plants do not include mixers. After scaling, the concrete components can be transferred into the truckmixer mixer without mixing. When the concrete application area is far away from the batching plant, the user prefers PDC30-60-100. According to the needs and conditions of customers, the PDC30-60-100 concrete factory can be equipped with silos of different capacities from 50 to 5000 tons. If the cement is supplied in the form of a bag, the cement can be easily discharged into the silo through the opening of the big bag and the silo charging system integrated into the PDC30-60-100.

PDC30-60-100 is equipped with high-tech automation system, including top-level SIEMENS-SCHNEIDER brand electronic components and PLC.

The whole system is controlled by advanced software, which has developed functions and a friendly user appearance.

You can view the general layout, transportation plan and photos of the dry concrete equipment-PDC30-60-100.