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Continuous Type Mobil Asphalt Plants Drum Mix

Continuous Type Mobil Asphalt Plants Drum Mix

PCA 60 tons / hour - 250 tons / hour
Polygonmach offers a wide range of Mobile Drum Mix Asphalt Plants for medium and large-sized contactor companies with capacities ranging from 60 to 250 t / h.

Polygonmach Continuous Mix Mobile Plants can meet 100% of various customer requirements by offering a choice of auxiliary equipment.

The Polygonmach Continous 60t / h - 250t / h product range is designed for businesses that need high production capacity in a very short time with low costs.

Providing ease of transportation, installation and maintenance with its modular structure, Polygonmach Continuous Mix Asphalt Plants are more preferred by contractors aiming to achieve high profitability from short-term investments.

PAC 60 t / h - 250 t / h Key Benefits

Long-life systems and equipment

High efficiency

Intelligent Automation System

Reliable Heavy Duty Structure

After-sales service guarantee 24 hours 7 days

Easy maintenance

Online maintenance support

Fully automatic control system

Low shipping costs

Installation within 10 days