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Compact Concrete Batching Plant

Compact Concrete  Batching Plant

Polygonmach compact concrete batching plant is an exclusively designed model, which can only be transported in a 1-unit side curtain truck or 40-foot OTHC container, especially when the installation area is too narrow. Compact concrete equipment is also called containerized concrete equipment. The capacity of our compact concrete plants ranges from 35 to 100 cubic meters per hour. Polygonmach compact concrete batching plant brings economic advantages to users due to its easy-to-move and fast-commissioning design and the necessity of minimizing infrastructure investment.

Polygonmach compact concrete mixing plant is designed and manufactured according to international standards. Polygonmach compact concrete batching plant requires the lowest on-site preparation costs. Only a flat hard surface (such as concrete) that can withstand the total load of the factory is sufficient.

The cement silo attached to the factory has all-steel feet, eliminating the need for customers to build concrete frame feet. Since there are metal ramps on both sides of the factory, the aggregate loading ramp can be easily prepared without building concrete walls. The transfer of aggregates from the collection hopper to the mixer through the collection hopper system instead of the belt conveyor is the main factor in reducing the application space. In addition, compared with stationary batching equipment, the size of the hopper and other components has also been more compressed. Double-shaft (double-shaft) single-shaft, disc and planetary cone mixers (3d concrete printing) mixers can be used in our compact concrete plants, so they can be used for different purposes, such as ready-mixed concrete, dry-mixed concrete, Precast concrete production, etc.

Polygonmach compact concrete batching plant is equipped with high-tech control and automation systems, including first-class SIEMENS, SHNEIDER