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Cement Silo

A cement silo is a type of construction machinery used to store cement required by a concrete batching plant. Cement silos are produced with different capacities according to the needs of concrete production equipment, usually with a storage capacity of 30 to 500 tons. With high capacity and easy to use design, cement silos can be easily used for several years. We can also produce bolted cement silos up to 5000 tons to meet special business needs. Cement silos are necessary business tools for companies that need continuous cement.

Different types of tools can be used to make the cement flow freely when needed. These products can effectively dry cement and then pack it in one, two or three containers according to its capacity. All cement fleets produced by our company have a silo safety valve, 3 cement plasticizer nozzles and a 24 square meter top filter. Thanks to these special construction machines used by many domestic and foreign companies, you can provide the best quality service with appropriate advantages. Even in the worst weather conditions, these cement silos will provide easy flow and can be used for long years without wearing off.