Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

Experience Unparalleled Efficiency with Our Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

Welcome to the forefront of crushing technology, where innovation meets application. As a leading manufacturer of vertical shaft impact (V) crushers, we are proud to introduce our state-of-the-art products - both mobile/portable and stationary units, meticulously designed to exceed your expectations in performance, reliability, and efficiency.

A Revolution in Crushing Technology

Our vertical shaft impact crushers stand tall as an embodiment of precision engineering and cutting-edge design. Crafted with a keen eye for detail, each unit combines robust construction, high-quality materials, and industry-leading technology to deliver unmatched crushing efficiency.

Featuring our exclusive rotor design, our crushers ensure optimal particle shape and uniform gradation. This means less time and money spent on screening or further processing and more time achieving your project goals.

Mobility and Flexibility

We understand that every project has unique needs and constraints. To address this, we offer both stationary and mobile/portable vertical shaft impact crushers. The mobile/portable units are perfect for contractors who need the flexibility to move between job sites. With easy setup and dismantling processes, these units significantly cut down on preparation time, allowing you to focus more on the task at hand.

Robust and Reliable

Our stationary units are built to last, delivering high performance even under the most challenging conditions. They are ideal for large-scale, long-term projects where reliability and throughput are key considerations. No matter the application, you can count on our stationary crushers to get the job done.

The Eco-Conscious Choice

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability, we have designed our vertical shaft impact crushers to not just meet, but exceed industry standards for environmental compliance. With reduced noise and dust emissions, our crushers offer an eco-friendly solution for your crushing needs.

Exceptional After-Sales Service

A product is only as good as the support behind it, and we believe in standing by our customers at every step. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to provide expert advice and assistance. Plus, our expansive network of service centers ensures you have access to speedy repairs and maintenance, no matter where your operations are.

Invest in Your Success Today

Choosing our vertical shaft impact crushers is more than just a purchase - it's an investment in your success. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, unrivaled performance, and outstanding support, our crushers are your partner in success.

Experience the difference today. Browse our range of mobile/portable and stationary vertical shaft impact crushers and take the first step towards improved efficiency and productivity.


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POLYGONMACH is a leading global manufacturer of concrete batchingplants, crushing screening plants, and asphalt plants. With TSE and ISO 9001 quality assurance certifications ans a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer
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