Track Mounted Scalper Screens

Unveiling Polygonmach's Track Mounted Scalper Screens - an exceptional blend of mobility, robustness, and efficiency, designed to meet your demanding screening requirements in diverse industries such as mining, construction and recycling.

Our Track Mounted Scalper Screens are expertly designed to handle heavy-duty screening tasks. The easy mobility offered by the track-mount system adds flexibility to your operations, allowing the screen to be moved conveniently across different worksites.

Boasting high-speed vibrating systems, these screens excel at sorting and separating a wide variety of materials, from soil and rock to demolition waste. The design includes a sturdy, wear-resistant screen deck that ensures the integrity of screened materials, combined with a robust framework that stands the test of time.

Manufacture of these scalper screens complies with stringent quality control measures, right from the selection of raw materials to adherence to international safety and performance standards. This guarantees a safe, high-performing, and long-lasting product.

The installation process involving our track-mounted scalper screens is hassle-free, aided by instructional manuals, digital assistance, and non-stop customer support. Our spare parts service ensures high-quality replacement components are always available, thus minimizing any downtime in operations.

To ease the delivery process, Polygonmach offers stress-free international shipping solutions. We handle administrative tasks, customs processing, and ensure the safe arrival of your product.

Our after-sales services involve comprehensive training, technical assistance, regular equipment checks and maintenance protocols, arming you with the knowledge and skills to optimally operate the equipment.

Rely on Polygonmach's Track Mounted Scalper Screens for highly efficient and flexible screening operations, backed by world-class customer service and support.

Pioneer in Innovative Technology: Polygonmach

POLYGONMACH is a leading global manufacturer of concrete batchingplants, crushing screening plants, and asphalt plants. With TSE and ISO 9001 quality assurance certifications ans a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer
satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the construction industry. Our extensive range of high-performance plants caters to the diverse needs of construction projects, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and durability.


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