Polymer Modified Bitumen Plants

Polygonmach Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) Plant is an industrial facility where polymers are mixed with bitumen to create a type of bitumen that has enhanced properties including improved elasticity, resistance to deformation, and increased strength.

Usage Areas: Polygonmach PMBs are primarily used in road construction to create high-performance road surfaces. They are also used in the roofing industry and other areas where waterproofing and long-term durability are needed.

Working Principle: Polygonmach PMB plants heat and mix bitumen and polymers, typically in a colloid mill, to achieve a homogeneous blend. The precise heating and mixing conditions vary depending on the specific type of polymer and bitumen used.

Key Features of Polygonmach PMB:

  1. Improved elasticity and resilience
  2. Enhanced resistance to aging and weathering
  3. Greater resistance to deformation under heavy traffic or high temperatures
  4. Improved adhesion to aggregates in road construction

To prodcue the Best Produced PMB: To produce The best PMB of the world;  Polygonmach invproiving the PMB plant in terms of performance properties, such as elasticity, resistance to deformation, and adhesion, consistency of the polymer-bitumen blend, and whether it meets specific industry standards.

Materials Used: The primary materials used in Polygonmach PMB are bitumen and various types of polymers, such as styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), and others.

Application Areas: Polygonmach PMB plants are used in industries that require high-performance bitumen, such as road construction, roofing, and other construction applications.

Components of a Polygonmach PMB Plant: Typically, Polygonmach PMB plant will include:

  1. Bitumen storage and heating units
  2. Polymer storage and feeding systems
  3. A mixing unit, often a high-shear mill
  4. Control systems to precisely manage the heating and mixing process
  5. Storage units for the PMB

Polygonmach PMB Plant Specifications: The best PMB plants  have precise temperature and mixing controls, high-capacity storage, efficient and safe operations, and robust construction for long-term reliability.

Production: To produce world-class PMB plants, Polygonmach use high-quality materials, adhere to industry standards, and innovate to improve performance and efficiency.

Fuel Types, Emissions, Capacity, Type: Fuel types depend on the heating system used. Natural gas, diesel, or electricity could be used. Emissions depend on the fuel type and efficiency of combustion. Capacity varies based on design( 5-20tph), ranging from smaller plants for limited production to large-scale facilities for industrial production.

Heating Type: This equipment typically uses indirect heating to avoid direct contact of the flame with bitumen, which could degrade or burn it.

Features of Polygonmach PMB  to Stand Out: High quality, consistent performance, reliability, efficient operation, user-friendly control systems, and excellent after-sales service are all factors that can make Polygonmach PMB plant stand out from competitors.

Transportation: Polygonmach PMB plants, due to their size and complexity, are typically transported in pieces and then assembled on-site. They are transported by trucks or ships and must be carefully secured and protected during transport. Mosty due to containerised design it is shipped on truck or flat rack

Types of Polygonmach PMB Plants: Polygonmach PMB plants are designed as stationary plants, which are installed for long-term use at a single location, or portable plants, which can be moved as needed.

As a manufacturer, focusing on quality, efficiency, innovation, and excellent customer service  help make our PMB plant one of the best in the world.

Pioneer in Innovative Technology: Polygonmach

POLYGONMACH is a leading global manufacturer of concrete batchingplants, crushing screening plants, and asphalt plants. With TSE and ISO 9001 quality assurance certifications ans a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer
satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the construction industry. Our extensive range of high-performance plants caters to the diverse needs of construction projects, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and durability.


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