Mobile Hot Mix Batch Type Asphalt Plants

What are the different types of hot mix asphalt plants?

Polygonmach mobile or portable hot mix asphalt plant is a type of asphalt plant that is designed to be easily transported and set up at different job sites. Unlike stationary plantsPolygonmach mobile plants can be quickly assembled, disassembled, and moved to different locations as needed. Capacity vary from 40 to 200 tph on design based.

The functions of Polygonmach  mobile/portable asphalt plant are similar to those of a stationary plant and include:

Aggregate Storage and Transport

Aggregate storage and transport are fundamental processes in mobile asphalt plants, designed for optimal space usage and mobility. Unlike stationary plants, mobile units often utilize more compact aggregate storage solutions, such as multi-compartment bins that are directly mounted on the mobile plant chassis. These aggregates are then transported to the drying drum via conveyor belts or slinger conveyors. The design ensures minimal footprint while maintaining continuous, efficient aggregate feed into the mixing process. The mobility aspect allows these plants to be quickly relocated to different sites, making them ideal for projects requiring asphalt production closer to the construction site.

Drying and Heating Process

The drying and heating process is crucial in mobile asphalt plants, ensuring that aggregates are adequately prepared for mixing with the asphalt binder. This process takes place in a rotating drum dryer, which dries the aggregates by tumbling them through a heated air stream. The dryer is compact yet efficient, designed to quickly heat and dry aggregates to the required temperature. The heating system, typically fueled by diesel, gas, or biomass, is precisely controlled to maintain optimal operation temperatures, thus ensuring the quality of the mix and energy efficiency. The mobile nature of these plants does not compromise the effectiveness of the drying and heating process, thanks to the advanced design of the drying drum and burner.

Asphalt Binder Storage and Heating

Asphalt binder storage and heating are pivotal in the production of asphalt, necessitating careful management to maintain the binder at proper temperatures for mixing. In mobile asphalt plants, the binder is stored in heated tanks that are insulated and equipped with heating coils or direct-fired heaters to keep the asphalt binder fluid. These tanks are designed to be easily transportable while preserving the heat of the asphalt binder. The heating system ensures that the binder remains at a consistent temperature, ready for mixing with the heated aggregates. This process is essential for achieving a homogeneous mix and high-quality final asphalt product.

Mixing, Storage, and Loading

The mixing, storage, and loading processes represent the culmination of the asphalt production process in mobile asphalt plants. After heating, the aggregates and asphalt binder are precisely mixed in a mixer unit. This unit is designed for quick and homogeneous mixing, ensuring that every bit of aggregate is coated with the binder. Given the mobile plant's requirement for efficiency and compact design, the mixing unit is often smaller but equally effective compared to stationary plants. After mixing, the finished asphalt is either temporarily stored in silos or directly loaded into trucks for transport to the construction site. The storage component is especially important for projects demanding large quantities of asphalt in a short period, while direct loading is ideal for immediate use, maximizing the efficiency and flexibility of the mobile asphalt plant.

The operation of Polygonmach mobile asphalt plant generally involves the following steps:


The plant is transported to the job site using trucks or trailers.


The plant is assembled and set up at the job site. This typically involves connecting various components, such as the drying drum, mixing unit, and storage silos.

Aggregates and Asphalt Binder:

Aggregates and asphalt binder are loaded into the plant's storage bins and tanks.


The aggregates and asphalt binder are mixed to produce hot mix asphalt.

Storage and Loadout:

The hot mix asphalt is stored temporarily in storage silos or bins until it is loaded onto trucks for transportation.

Polygonmach mobile/portable asphalt plant has following features:

Mobility and Ease of Setup: Look for a plant that is designed for easy transportation and quick setup. It should have features that allow for efficient assembly and disassembly.

Production Capacity:

it is suitable for your project requirements and select a plant that can meet your desired asphalt production volume.

Quality Control:

Polygonmach ensures that the plant has effective quality control measures in place to produce consistent and high-quality asphalt mixes.

Efficiency and Fuel Consumption:

Polygonmach features that optimizes energy consumption and material usage. Fuel-efficient plants can help reduce operational costs.

Durability and Reliability:

Polygonmach ensures  top  the construction quality and reliability of the plant. its components and materials that can withstand frequent transportation and provide reliable operation.

Key features of Polygonmach mobile/portable asphalt plant include compact design, ease of transportation, quick setup, efficient heating and drying systems, accurate proportioning, and reliable mixing units.

Polygonmach produced mobile/portable asphalt plant has several points:

Construction Quality:

it has been constructed with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and reliability during transportation and operation.

Efficient Heating and Drying:

The plant  have an efficient drying drum that effectively heats and dries the aggregates.

Precise Proportioning:

Polygonmach plant with accurate and reliable systems for measuring and proportioning aggregates, asphalt binder, and additives.

Thorough Mixing:

The mixing unit  ensures thorough blending of aggregates and asphalt binder to achieve a uniform mixture.

Ease of Setup and Transportation:

Polygonmach  plant's design and features that allows for easy assembly, disassembly, and transportation.

Materials used in Polygonmach mobile/portable asphalt plants are similar to those used in stationary plants and include aggregates (such as crushed stone, sand, or gravel), asphalt binder, and various additives.

The application areas of Polygonmach hot mix mobile/portable asphalt plants are similar to those of stationary plants and include road construction, highway projects, temporary construction sites, and projects that require frequent relocation.

The best specifications for mobile/portable batch type asphalt plants depend on specific project requirements, including production capacity, mobility, efficiency, quality control measures, and ease of setup and transportation. It's essential to assess project needs and consult with industry professionals to determine the most suitable specifications.

To be considered a leading mobile/portable asphalt plant manufacturer in the world, Polygonmach try to demonstrate expertise in designing and producing high-quality plants, have a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, offer excellent after-sales service and support, and provide innovative solutions to meet customer needs.

Specific data and features of high-performance, high-capacity, and well-designed Polygonmach mobile/portable asphalt plants are based on manufacturers and models. 

Fuel types used in Polygonmach mobile/portable asphalt plants include diesel, natural gas, and heavy oil. Emission numbers depend on the efficiency of pollution control devices and adherence to environmental regulations. It's important to consider  local regulations and choose a plant that minimizes emissions.

Components of Polygonmach mobile/portable asphalt plants include cold feed bins, drying drum, asphalt binder storage tanks, mixing unit, control system, storage silos, and pollution control devices. Each component functions  facilitate the production of hot mix asphalt.

A key indicator of  Polygonmach asphalt plant, whether stationary or mobile/portable, is its ability to consistently produce high-quality asphalt mixes that meet or exceed specified requirements. Other indicators include efficient heating and drying, precise proportioning, thorough mixing, reliable control systems, and ease of maintenance and operation.


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