Mobile and Stationary Jaw Crushers

Harness the Power of Jaw Crushers for Your Operations

Welcome to the world of jaw crushers — a powerful ally in your aggregate production, mining, recycling, or demolition material operations. These robust machines offer a compact and efficient primary crushing solution, making them an integral part of many crushing circuits worldwide.

Understanding Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers operate on a straightforward principle. They consist of two jaws — one stationary (known as the "fixed jaw") and one that moves (known as the "swing jaw"). Material is introduced into the crusher from the top and is compressed as the swing jaw moves closer to the fixed jaw.

Key Components of Jaw Crushers

Here are the primary components of a typical jaw crusher:

1. Jaws: The jaws, one stationary and one mobile, are lined with manganese jaw dies for maximum wear life.

2. Flywheel: Balances the inertia and promotes smooth operation.

3. Pitman: This is the main moving part that applies force to the material being crushed.

4. Cheek Plates: These are the sides of the crushing chamber that are parallel to the jaws and protect the crusher frame.

5. Toggle Plate and Tension Rods: These components hold the pitman tight near the bottom of the moving swing jaw.

The Advantages of Jaw Crushers

1. Versatility: Jaw crushers are capable of handling a wide range of materials.

2. Economical: They are known for their cost-effectiveness and lower operational costs.

3. Durability: Jaw crushers are known for their robust build and long service life.

4. Easy Maintenance: Most jaw crusher parts are easily accessible, simplifying inspection and maintenance processes.

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