Crushing and Screening Plants

Crushing and  Screening Plants

Polygonmach crushing, screening, and washing plant for sand, gravel, and stone is a type of industrial facility used in the production of aggregate materials for construction and other industries. It combines various types of equipment to process raw materials into finished products that meet specific size and quality standards.

Usage Areas: These plants are typically used in industries such as construction, mining, and quarrying, where there is a need for aggregate materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone.

Working Principle: The raw materials (usually extracted from a quarry or mine) are fed into the plant, where they are crushed to the desired size using various types of crushing equipment. The crushed material is then screened to separate it into different size categories. Any material that does not meet the size specifications is typically returned to the crusher for further processing. The final step is washing, which removes any remaining dirt, dust, or impurities.

Key Features: Some key features of Polygonmach plants include high production capacity, flexibility to process different types of raw materials, and the ability to produce aggregate materials that meet specific size and quality standards. The exact features can vary depending on the specific design and configuration of the plant.

Polygonmach Mission: To ensure The quality of a crushing, screening, and washing plant is usually determined by factors such as its reliability, production capacity, efficiency, and the quality of the finished products it produces. Customer service and after-sales support are also important considerations.

Materials Used: The raw materials processed in these plants typically include various types of rocks and minerals, which are crushed and screened to produce aggregate materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone.

Application Areas: The aggregate materials produced in these plants are used in a variety of applications, including road construction, concrete production, landscaping, and more.

Components of Polygonmach Plant: Typical components of a crushing, screening, and washing plant include:

  1. Crushers of various types (e.g., jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher)
  2. Screening equipment
  3. Washing equipment, typically a sand washer
  4. Conveyors for transporting the materials between different stages
  5. Control systems for operating and monitoring the plant

Polygonmach Plant Specifications: The Polygonmach plants are those that offer high production capacity, efficiency, flexibility to process different types of raw materials, and the ability to produce high-quality aggregate materials. They are also  easy to operate and maintain.

Production: To produce a world-class plant, Polygonmach uses high-quality materials and components, adhere to industry standards, and continuously innovate to improve performance and efficiency.

Polygonmach plants typically use electricity as the main source of power. Emissions are generally low, but can include dust, which must be controlled to comply with environmental regulations. Capacity can vary widely, from small plants for limited production to large plants for high-volume production. From 30 to 1500tph of sand and aggregate production capacity is available.

Features of Polygonmach Plants to Stand Out: Some features that help Polygonmach plants stand out include high performance, reliability, innovative features, excellent customer service, and strong after-sales support.

Transportation: Polygonmach plants are typically transported in parts and then assembled on-site. The parts are usually transported by truck, although larger parts may require special transportation methods.

Types of Polygonmach Plants: These plants can be stationary (installed at a fixed location for long-term use) or portable (designed to be moved from one location to another as needed).

As a manufacturer, Polygonmach focusing on quality, performance, innovation, and customer service can help make your crushing, screening, and washing plant one of the best in the world.

Polygonmach Crushing, screening, and washing plants utilize a variety of different types of equipment based on the specific needs of the operation and the type of material being processed.

Crushers: Polygonmach Crushers are used to reduce the size of the raw material that is being processed and are often the first step in a multi-stage process. Different types of crushers are used for different types of materials and specific applications. Some commonly used types of crushers include:

  1. PJC Jaw Crusher: A heavy duty machine that uses compressive force to crush rocks into a fine gravel.
  2. PC Cone Crusher: It utilizes a rotating piece of steel against a stationary piece of steel to reduce material. It is often used for secondary or tertiary crushing.
  3. PPI Impact Crusher: Uses impact to crush materials. This can be used for primary, secondary, or tertiary crushing.
  4. PVSV Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher: A type of impact crusher that uses a high speed rotor with wear resistant tips.

PVS Screeners: After the material has been crushed, screeners are used to separate the crushed rock into various sizes. Different types of screeners used include:

  1. Vibratory Screens: These machines use vibration to separate and move large quantities of dry materials like rock, gravel, and sand into different sizes.
  2. Rotary Screens: These use a rotating cylindrical screen to separate and size material.
  3. Grizzly Screens: These are heavy-duty screens that are used to handle large rocks before they are fed into the primary crusher.

Polygonmach Washers: After the material has been crushed and sized, it is often washed to remove any dust, dirt, or impurities. There are several different types of washers:

  1. Coarse Material Washers: Used to remove a limited amount of dirty material from a coarse aggregate.
  2. Fine Material Washers: Also known as sand screws, used to wash, classify, and dewater smaller particles.
  3. Log Washers: Ideal for scrubbing difficult materials such as tough insoluble clays, conglomerates, soft stone, and cemented aggregate.

The choice of equipment will depend on the nature of the raw material and the desired size and quality of the final product. Different types of crushers, screeners, and washers may be combined in a single plant to achieve the desired result.

The selection of crushers, screeners, and washers largely depends on the type of raw material, the size of the input material, the desired output size, and the final application of the product.


  1. Vibrating Inclined or Horizontal Screens: Suitable for a wide range of materials, including rock, gravel, sand, and others.

  2. Grizzly Screens: Typically used as a pre-screen before the primary crusher to bypass fine particles that do not need to go through the primary crusher.

Advantages and Functions Polygonmach Crushers:

  1. Size reduction: Crushers reduce large-sized rocks and ores to smaller sizes. This helps in making the material more manageable and increases its usability in construction and industrial applications.

  2. Efficiency: Modern crushers are designed to operate with high efficiency, often using less energy to crush material compared to older designs. This can result in cost savings in terms of energy usage.

  3. Versatility: Different types of crushers can handle different types of materials, from hard rocks to soft soils. This allows a wide range of raw materials to be processed.

Advantages and Functions Polygonmach Screeners:

  1. Classification: Screeners segregate the crushed material into different size fractions. This makes it easier to select material based on size for various applications, thereby reducing wastage.

  2. Quality control: Screeners help to ensure the quality of the final product by removing over or under-sized material.

Advantages and Functions Polygonmach Washers:

  1. Cleanliness: Washers help remove dirt, dust and other impurities from the crushed and screened material, ensuring the cleanliness and quality of the final product.

  2. Dewatering: Washers help in the dewatering of the material, removing excess water from the material, making it easier to handle and transport.

  3. Beneficiation: In some cases, washing can also help in the beneficiation of the material, making it more suitable for certain uses.

Together, crushers, screeners, and washers in a crushing-screening-washing plant provide a complete solution for processing raw material into usable product. They allow for an efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality production process, suitable for a variety of applications in construction, mining, and other industries.

Washing equipment for sand and gravel refers to machinery and systems designed to clean and separate sand and gravel particles, removing impurities and ensuring high-quality end products. These equipment play a crucial role in the aggregate industry, allowing for effective washing, scrubbing, and classification of materials. Some common types of washing equipment for sand and gravel include:

  1. Sand Washers: These machines use water and a rotating screw or bucket wheel to clean and separate sand particles. They remove impurities, such as clay, silt, and organic matter, producing clean and well-graded sand.

  2. Log Washers: Log washers are designed to remove tough clay and soluble materials from the gravel or crushed stone. They employ a rotating shaft with paddles or blades to agitate the material, effectively scrubbing and cleaning it.

  3. Hydrocyclones: Hydrocyclones are used to separate sand and gravel particles based on their size and density. These devices use centrifugal force to separate the finer sand particles from the coarser gravel particles, ensuring efficient classification.

  4. Attrition Cells: Attrition cells are used for scrubbing and cleaning sand and gravel, particularly for materials with high clay content. They combine agitation, scrubbing, and attrition to break down clay clusters and remove contaminants.

  5. Dewatering Screens: Dewatering screens are used to remove excess moisture from washed sand and gravel, ensuring the final product meets moisture specifications. These screens utilize vibration to drain and dewater the material effectively.

  6. Sand Classifiers: Sand classifiers, also known as sand screws or fine material washers, are used to separate and dewater sand particles based on their size. These machines utilize a rotating screw to convey, wash, and dewater the material, producing a clean and consistent sand product.

Washing equipment for sand and gravel offers several advantages, including:

  • Improved Product Quality: By removing impurities and contaminants, washing equipment ensures a clean and high-quality end product suitable for various applications.

  • Enhanced Particle Gradation: Washing equipment helps to achieve a well-graded particle size distribution, ensuring consistent and desirable gradations for different uses.

  • Effective Removal of Fines: Washing equipment can efficiently remove fines and unwanted material from sand and gravel, reducing waste and optimizing the production process.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By efficiently managing water usage and containing fines, washing equipment helps to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.

When selecting washing equipment for sand and gravel, it's important to consider factors such as capacity, efficiency, water usage, and the specific requirements of your application. Polygonmach Machinery offers a comprehensive range of washing equipment tailored to meet the diverse needs of the aggregate industry.

Stationary Crushing and Screening Plants

Stationary Crushing and Screening Plants

Polygonmach designs and manufactures crushing and screening equipment with different configurations and capacity values ​​according to customer needs and preferences. 

Mobile Crushing and Screening/ Washing Plants

Mobile Crushing and Screening/ Washing Plants

Polygonmach Mobile Crusher Plant: In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Polygonmach manufactures different sizes and types of mobile crushing plants.

Vibrating / Grizzly / Prescreening Feeders

Vibrating / Grizzly / Prescreening Feeders

Polygonmach's Vibrating Feeders offer precise and reliable material feeding.

Vibrating, Inclined  Screens

Vibrating, Inclined Screens

The Polygonmach Vibrating Inclined Screen delivers precise screening results, boosting operational efficiency for tasks requiring accurate material separation.

Mobile and Stationary Jaw Crushers

Mobile and Stationary Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers operate on a straightforward principle. They consist of two jaws — one stationary (known as the "fixed jaw") and one that moves (known as the "swing jaw").

Horizontal Shaft Impactor Primary Impact Crusher

Horizontal Shaft Impactor Primary Impact Crusher

Unlock the full potential of efficient stone crushing with Polygonmach Machinery's Primary Impact Crusher (HSI).

Secondary Impact Crusher Horizontal Shaft Impactor

Secondary Impact Crusher Horizontal Shaft Impactor

A secondary impact crusher is a machine that is used after the primary crushing process.

Tertiary Impact Crushers Horizontal Shaft Impactor

Tertiary Impact Crushers Horizontal Shaft Impactor

Engineered to deliver exceptional performance in various applications, this advanced crusher is designed to take your aggregate production to new heights.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

As a leading manufacturer of vertical shaft impact (V) crushers, we are proud to introduce our state-of-the-art products - both mobile/portable and stationary units, meticulously designed to exceed your expectations in performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Cone Crushers for Mining and Aggregate

Cone Crushers for Mining and Aggregate

Welcome to the hub of operational excellence, where we combine our world-class crushing solutions with your project needs.

Telescopic Radial Stacker

Telescopic Radial Stacker

Radial Conveyor Belt/ Radial belt, ship loading belt, ship unloading belt


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