Bitumen Barrel-Drum Heaters Decanters

Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heater/Decanter Plant is a machine used in the construction industry to heat and liquefy bitumen that is solid or semi-solid in standard barrels, making it ready for usage in constructing and maintaining roads.

Usage Areas: This machine is used primarily in the road construction industry. When solid bitumen is needed for construction purposes, the Bitumen Barrel Heater/Decanter comes into play.

Working Principle: Bitumen decanters work by slowly heating the bitumen barrels (usually directly) in a pool of heated oil. The machine is designed to decant the bitumen from barrels into a separate storage tank.

Key Features:

  1. High thermal efficiency
  2. Minimal pollution
  3. High output rates
  4. Compact design
  5. Robust construction
  6. Easy to operate and low maintenance

Materials Used: The construction of Polygonmach barrel heater machines is generally made up of high-quality steel that can withstand high temperatures and corrosive bitumen.

Application Areas: Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanters find their application in places where there is a need for liquefied bitumen at a large scale such as road construction, road maintenance, and asphalt mixing plants.

Components: Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanter plant  primarily consists of the heating chamber (decanting chamber), storage tank, thermal oil heater, and a pipeline system.

Specifications: Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanters have high capacity, low energy consumption, easy operability, and safety measures to prevent overheating or overpressure.

Production: To produce world-class Bitumen Barrel Heater/Decanter, Polygonmach adhere to global industrial standards. Usage of high-quality materials, robust construction, efficient design, and adherence to safety norms are a must.

Fuel Type, Emissions, Capacity, Type: Typically, Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanters use fuels like diesel or heavy oil for the heating process. Emissions would primarily be CO2 from fuel combustion. The capacity depends on the size of the machine and its design. There are stationary and mobile versions available.

Heating Type: Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanters typically uses indirect heating. The bitumen barrels are immersed in a hot oil bath. This method is chosen to prevent bitumen from directly contacting the flame and getting degraded or burned.

Features to Stand Out: To stand out,Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanters  have higher thermal efficiency, faster heating, easy and safe operability, robust construction, and excellent post-sales service. Customization options would also add value.

Transportation: Due to their large size, Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanters are  typically transported using trucks or shipped in containers if transported overseas. Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanters are properly secured during transportation to avoid any damage.

Types of Plants: Like many large industrial machines, Polygonmach Bitumen Barrel Heaters Dechanters are designed as stationary plants, which are installed for long-term use at a single location, or portable plants, which can be moved as needed.

We r emember that  the needs of the customers should always be prioritized while manufacturing any machine,  we listen to customer feedback and continually innovate and improve our machinery.

The bitumen transport system with barrels, which is widely used in Russia, Central Asian Republics, Iran and Middle East countries, has led to the need for barrel melting facilities used for extracting existing bitumen. As a result of being cheap and high quality in our country, the import of bitumen with barrel has started.



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