Aggregate Pre-Feeding Band Automatic Filling Robot

Aggregate Pre-Feeding Band Automatic Filling Robot

Conveyor is a machine or vehicle used to transport materials from one point to another. They can be used in many areas, such as in industrial enterprises, storage and factory systems, or luggage transport at airports.

Conveyors can often be several meters to kilometers long and can carry many different materials. There are different types such as portable belt, chain, roller, drum, screw or magnetic conveyors and their designs differ depending on their intended use.

The basic operation of the conveyors is to move the products by placing them in a certain line and transport them to a certain destination. This is a more efficient, safe and time-saving method compared to manual handling and material mobility.

Pre-feeding belt is an equipment used in the construction and mining industries. It is used to transfer materials over the ground or rock layers. These conveyors are designed to move large volumes of material.

Pre-feeding belts are a fixed conveyor system that aims to transport the materials of large trucks or high-height excavators used in mining and construction sites. This conveyor system can be used for purposes such as transporting materials, feeding into high immersion wells or crushing and screening machines. The pre-feeding belt reduces operating costs and increases operating efficiency.

In concrete batching plants, the pre-feed conveyor is a critical equipment for the material feeding process. There are many stages in concrete plants and first of all, the right amount of material must be mixed for the ready mixed concrete mix. Therefore, the pre-feed conveyor plays an important role in the systematic transport of raw materials to the plant.

The pre-feeding conveyor helps the main conveyors used in the concrete plant to feed the material regularly. If the materials used in the concrete mixture are not fed in the right amount and on time, it may affect the quality and homogeneity of the mixture. The pre-feed conveyor can be controlled automatically or manually to control the material flow.

In addition, the pre-feed conveyor increases the operating efficiency in the concrete plant and reduces labor costs. Transporting materials via conveyors rather than by hand makes the process faster and more efficient. This saves time and lowers costs in the production process.

Polygonmach concrete batching plants serve with a pre-feeding conveyor, automatic filling robot, shuttle type feeding belt, silica silo, welded and bolted type cement silo, fly ash silo, granular steel fiber feeding system.

The second option is to feed the aggregate with a pre-feeder belt conveyor. The pre-feed belt has a remote control and a 360-degree rotating chute, specifically for filling the hoppers of your choice. Sometimes, at customer's request, Polygonmach offers CCTV to monitor loading level, sometimes we offer lasr level sensors.

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