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Bitumen Emulsion

Bitumen Emulsion

30.04.2021 16:37

Bitumen Emulsion and Polymer Modification Plant

With the developing technology all over the world, road construction and therefore the asphalt requirement has increased. Bitumen emulsion is used in the road stabilization phase to produce different types and different kinds of asphalts. In order to be able to produce asphalt with the desired properties and conform to the standards and to be durable for a long time in various regions, not to break, to be elastic, and to stick well to the soil layer, first, the design and production of the polymer medication plant should be done by professional teams. Polymer modification and bitumen emulsion plants can be installed by creating combinations of different properties with different capacities and different numbers. Different asphalt plants with both fixed and mobile features can be established. Thanks to these facilities, which are built according to the needs, you can easily respond to the needs of the customer.

Bitumen Emulsion

Depending on where the customer will use the asphalt, polymer modification facilities are specially designed upon request. It is possible to easily move and set up in container type facilities. Thanks to the system's internal regulators and weighing, it can work in harmony in any environment. For this reason, it is specially prepared for polymer modification processes and optional insulation can be carried out by our company. By providing the necessary conditions for all kinds of asphalt that require sensitive and professional production such as stone mastic asphalt (SMA), the processes of formulating bitumen, weighing, and sensitive mixing with Germany-oriented mills are fully met. Thanks to the bitumen emulsion facility, bitumen production with desired properties is made and offered to customers at affordable prices.

Emission Emulsion Plant

There are different facilities that provide bitumen emission. Container-type compact structures are created by making practical designs for easy transportation and easy installation. In this way, container type systems can be easily transported by means of transport vehicles. Since many parts such as the mill, bitumen pump, bitumen valve and bitumen and emission pipelines, which are manufactured with jacket heating feature, are manufactured professionally in container structures, it can be transferred without any problems and the production can be started in a short time by easily installing in the desired area. All productions are resistant to working with acidic water and are also affected by external factors at a minimum level. You can contact our company for designs in different capacities for requirements.